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Are you a digital marketing agency looking to provide high-quality, performance-driven Google AdWords PPC services to your clients? Partner with Adwords PPC Expert and get comprehensive support you need to serve your clients, gain a competitive edge and broaden your portfolio in an effective manner. We have unmatched expertise and talent in white label Adwords management, enabling you to provide highest quality PPC solutions to your valued clients.

Expanding your digital marketing agency and generating quick profits through PPC services is a complex task. Additionally, it is crucial to maintain effective client relationships and high levels of satisfaction. Without vast expertise in pay-per-click advertising and knowledge of latest industry trends, it is impossible to deliver outstanding results for your clients. This is where Adwords PPC Expert can help with dedicated PPC reseller program.

  • Google certified AdWords management reseller offering custom PPC campaign packages
  • High-end AdWords PPC setup and ROI-oriented optimisation methodology
  • Unbeatable pricing for PPC resellers
  • End-to-end white label AdWords PPC services from start to finish
  • Highly talented team specialising in delivering outstanding PPC services across multiple verticals

Want Private Label PPC Services to Expand Your Business?

Give Your Digital Marketing Agency an Image of PPC Experts!

With white label Google AdWords services from Adwords PPC Experts, your agency can focus on improving sales while we efficiently manage the heavy lifting of getting your clients exceptional pay-per-click advertising results. Any digital marketing agency that lacks in-house resources to provide quality PPC services to their clients can outsource AdWords management to us. In today’s competitive digital marketing arena, if you are failing behind in skills or time to deliver Pay-per-Click advertising services to your clients, it can significantly affect your brand image. Leverage the power of reliable and proven Google AdWords management white label and position your business as a trusted PPC expert. Resell our PPC services under your brand and draw more clients and improved profitability.

This is how white label PPC outsourcing can help your agency:

Certified AdWords Experts at Your Service

We have best-in-class PPC talent, providing exceptional pay-per-click advertising services for your clients. Our objective is to connect the best of our brains with your PPC sales team to help you provide dedicated services to your valued clients.

Attractive Pricing

We are constantly building strong business relationships with digital marketing agencies, offering customised and unbeatable white label PPC reseller packages that are mutually beneficial for both the parties.

White Label Google AdWords Reporting

Our role as an AdWords management while label agency does not end with providing private label PPC services to our partner agencies. We also provided custom PPC reports that you can present under your brand, depending on the needs of your clients.

Scale Your Business

At our white label AdWords agency, our services are customised to help your agency scale and boost sales without worrying about lack of skill and resources. For our dedicated agency partners, we offer attractive discounts and incentives that help grow your business and increase profit margins.

Vast Industry Experience

We are a leading white label PPC management company in India, leveraging our decades of experience to design ROI-driven pay-per-click campaigns that deliver results for your clients. We will thoroughly understand the needs of your clients and provide customised solutions to help achieve their marketing objectives.

In the first step, we will setup all integral aspects of a Google AdWords PPC campaign. These include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up Google Tag Manager
  • Call recording and monitoring and setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Dedicated call to get every new client onboard
  • Setting up custom reporting dashboard

This includes the most critical steps of a successful pay-per-click advertising campaign. To begin with this, we will first understand your client’s business, target audience and advertising goals. This will help setup a customised plan that delivers results. The process involves the following steps:

  • Keyword research, analysis and optimisation
  • Competition analysis
  • Setting a detailed and bespoke PPC plan and marketing goals
  • Building a reliable and proven Google AdWords structure
  • Design compelling ad copy
  • Analysing and optimising landing pages
  • Setting up remarketing strategy

White label AdWords management is another key service we provide to our partner agencies. That means we do the entire legwork for you while you can earn all the credit from your clients for exceptional PPC results we deliver. Our Adwords management services include:

  • Weekly AdWords management checklist
  • Bid management and optimisation
  • Analysing negative keywords
  • Split testing ad copies and landing pages
  • Account monitoring and optimisation
  • PPC ad position optimisation for time and device

With dedicated account management, we will constantly monitor and analyse the campaign, and provide weekly or monthly report in any format that your client desires.

  • Building agency report dashboard
  • Campaign click-through rate and conversion tracking included
  • Giving access to client to your white label dashboard
  • Advanced PPC reporting (optional)
  • Weekly or monthly reports

White Label PPC Management Service with Adwords PPC Expert is Just a Click Away!

Drive Instant Traffic and Revenues for Your Clients with White Label PPC Management Service

Professionally-managed white label PPC can be a game changer for your digital marketing agency. Boost your business as a white label PPC reseller with services customised for your needs. Digital marketing agencies trust us as a leading white label PPC management company for the following reasons:

100% White Label

Partner with us and get private label PPC services that you can rely upon. Resell our white labelled pay-per-click services, ad campaign management, analytics, and performance report under your brand and earn business credibility with your clients. We maintain zero contact with your clients and no one will know Adwords PPC Expert manages paid search advertising campaigns for your clients.

White Label Paid Search Advertising Campaigns across Multiple Platforms

We have unmatched experience designing and managing successful PPC campaigns with Google AdWords. This enables us to provide comprehensive solutions for ad campaigns on diverse platforms such as Google Search, Display, Amazon , Google Shopping Network , Mobile and Video platforms.

All Inclusive Pricing

At Adwords PPC Expert, our objective is to maximise profit margins for our partner agencies. Therefore, our White Label PPC pricing is simple and two-tiered, offering you the flexibility to provide attractive prices to your clients while earning good revenues.

Professionally Managed PPC Campaigns

Every campaign is managed by experienced and certified AdWords specialists who offer process-driven and ROI-oriented PPC solutions that deliver outstanding results for your clients.

Account Ownership

You have 100% ownership on all creatives, ad copy, campaigns, data, etc. Access your dashboard anytime, better servicing your clients with timely and updated data.

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