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We are India’s #1 AdWords optimization company India, guaranteeing remarkable business growth and high Return on Investment for your Google AdWords advertising campaign. Our commitment and professionalism as a top-notch AdWords PPC agency does not end with merely setting up a campaign; we ensure driving increased traffic and revenue at a minimal cost with dedicated AdWords optimization. Our Google Ads pay-per-click strategy is built on the premises of result-oriented, process-driven services to help achieve maximum revenues.

Our strategic approach and commitment to deliver guaranteed results make us the most trusted choice for offshore AdWords optimization. Our pay-per-click optimization services are tailor-made to meet your unique business requirements and provide exceptional results with a lower Cost per Acquisition and Cost per Conversion.

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Achieve Dramatic PPC Results with AdWords optimization Service India

To achieve success and generate outstanding PPC results, it is important to optimise the campaign on a continuous basis. No matter how strategically your Google AdWords PPC campaign is built, its performance will continually decline if not optimised in an effective manner. The key role of an AdWords optimization expert is to monitor performance of the campaign, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and tweak it for improved results. At Adwords PPC Expert, we will continue optimising the ad campaign to squeeze out enhanced performance and higher Click-through Rate (CTR) with a lower Cost per Click (CPC).

Here is a glimpse of AdWords optimization approach we take to deliver guaranteed results:

Refining Keywords

Reviewing and Refining Your Keywords

For keywords, the likelihood of getting clicked will change overtime. So if you continue holding onto keywords that generate less than 1% of click-through rate, it can only cause your ad spend to increase with no quality results. In the process of AdWords optimization, we will delete such keywords and discover new keywords that are more relevant and trending. These keywords will then be added to appropriate Ad Groups. If there is no relevant Ad Group for the keywords, we will add a new one so that each advert and landing page in the Ad Groups has more relevant targeted keywords.

Keyword Matching

Keyword Matching to Minimise Costs

Being an experienced AdWords optimization company India, we know that merely using Broad Match for keywords is not enough to deliver quality results. Therefore, we also leverage Exact Match and Phrase Match bid types. Using cutting-edge tools, we build a ‘bid stack’ that involves bidding on same keywords with all three match types. When used strategically, it helps minimise your costs while driving more clicks for relevant keywords.

Split Testing

Split Testing Your Landing Pages and Ad Copy

There is no limit to improving your ad copy and landing pages, and drive more click-through rate. Adding to the delight, Google AdWords provides free testing of new ads, allowing you to compare up to three ads with your existing best-performing ad copy. Split testing your ad copies enables to increase CTR and deliver a more compelling brand message to your audience with high conversion potential.

Generate relevant leads

Location Targeting to Generate More Relevant Leads

If your business, product or service is targeted to audiences in specific locations, we will harness the power of AdWords Location Targeting to only reach people in relevant areas where you want to sell. This not only helps increase relevancy of your ad campaign but will also reduce your PPC costs dramatically.

Search Query

Search Query Reports to Find Fresh Keywords to Bid on

AdWords optimization enables us to fine tune your Ad Groups and discover new & high-potential keywords to bid on. We will run a Search Query Report in AdWords that will display the particular searches where your ad appeared. This can help refine the Ad Groups to increase click-through rate and drive more targeted traffic whilst minimising your costs.

Campaign Scheduling

Effective Campaign Scheduling

We believe in giving the bait right when the fish is ready to feed. We will schedule the ad campaigns for peak hours, i.e. when the likelihood of customers responding to your ads is highest. This way, we help increase your click-through rate by ensuring the campaign is live only when it delivers best results. We achieve this by studying response of your audiences across different days of the week and through different times of the day.

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Transform Your Business & Drive More Sales with AdWords optimization Services India

Here are some lucrative business benefits when you outsource AdWords optimization services India to us:

Business Growth

Boost Website Traffic

With Adwords PPC Expert, you can remarkably increase traffic to your website. We not only create compelling and engaging ad campaigns but also optimise and position them on high-visibility areas. This will help increase your click-through rate with high conversion potential.

Get Instant Results

Get Instant Results

With AdWords optimization and campaign management, we help drive immediate results for your business. These ads are positioned strategically across Google Search and Display networks so that they are visible to your audience when they are searching for products or services related to yours. If the brand message is compelling enough, they will click on the ad to view your website.

PPC Lead Generation

Generate Quality Leads

Effective AdWords PPC planning and campaign optimization is the best way to attract quality leads. This is because your ad will be displayed only when your target audience searches for a product, service or business related to yours. So this segment of traffic already has genuine interest in your business. Therefore, we focus on a pull strategy rather than push.

High Rate of Conversion

High Rate of Conversion

Our AdWords optimization service India is designed to generate traffic that is highly relevant and guarantees maximum conversion rate.

Measurable Results

Measurable Results

Dedicated PPC optimization aids in achieving results that are measurable, i.e. we enable marketers to analyse the results, tweak weaker areas, and enhance the overall performance of the ad campaign.

Affordable adwords management

Affordable AdWords optimization

As a Google certified AdWords optimization expert with a highly skilled team of pay-per-click professionals, we ensure that our services are as reliable as they are cost effective. We ensure the most competitive pricing for high-quality optimization services and guaranteed results.

Being a leading AdWords optimization company India, we combine the power of PPC advertising with effective optimization and social media marketing tools to deliver revolutionary business results.

Why Choose Us?

  • 1. Collaborative and tailor-made approach to provide bespoke solutions that fit your client requirements and budget
  • 2. We are a globally-acclaimed team of AdWords optimization experts having years of experience in Google AdWords and Google Analytics
  • 3. We continuously innovate and use proven optimization techniques that help maximise your ROI while reducing advertising cost
  • 4. Successfully completed 200+ AdWords optimization projects with high rate of client satisfaction and customer retention
  • 5. Affordable PPC pricing for high-quality AdWords optimization services India

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