The ease of shopping is one of the biggest gains of the online marketplace. Today, consumers can search and compare products by their features and price…all in one place. By listing your products on Google Shopping, you get a lucrative advertising opportunity to reach the right audience at the right time. Every time someone searches for products related to what you offer, your Google Shopping ad will show up with an image, price and website link – ready to be purchased.

Google Shopping management is an effective way of getting your products in front of your target audience faster and in a compelling manner. At Adwords PPC Expert, we focus on strategic Google Shopping campaign setup with the objective to get your ad atop organic search results for maximum visibility and conversion potential. We are an expert in Google product listing ads with vast capability to set up Google Shopping ads that help generate greater visibility, quality leads and higher sales.

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Grow Your Business with Google Shopping Ads Management Services

Google Shopping is a powerful Pay-per-Click advertising medium that brings immense business opportunities for marketers. When powered by Google Shopping, customers can search, view and compare products right on the Search Engine Result Page. The products pop up when someone uses Google Search to find a product online. Showcasing your product in the SERP right when a prospect searches for it can help the chances of getting it clicked, directing the customer right to the product page. However, Google PLA ads setup is different from conventional text ads and demands expertise of a professional who specialises in feed management Google Shopping. The key strategy is to determine the right time and position for your product listing ads to show up. We are the best white label Google Shopping ads remarketing company that helps PPC agencies to cater to their client needs in a specialised and affordable manner.

Increase Product Impressions

Set up Google Shopping ads and improve your product visibility and reach to the right target audience who are interested to buy. By increasing your product impressions, you can boost the number of prospects exponentially.

Drive More Targeted Traffic

Effective Google Shopping management can help drive increased targeted traffic to generate higher click-through rate than conventional text advertisements.

Drive Quality Leads

One of the best things about Google Shopping ad is that your product image and details are included within the advertisement. So at a glance, customers can determine if the product meets their requirements. This helps drive only quality leads that are genuinely interested to purchase.

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Google Shopping Campaign Setup & Management that Drives Results

Adwords PPC Expert has mastered the art of how to set up Google Shopping ads and deliver maximum results for your business. We merge our expertise as feed artists and proven optimisation techniques to help achieve improved campaign performance and higher profitability. Our comprehensive Google Shopping management services include everything right from Google Shopping ads setup and shopping data feed management to bidding, performance optimisation and improved targeting. We are a leading Google Shopping management agency that will analyse your product data and harness cutting-edge technology & human ingenuity to maximise visibility of your product listings on SERP.

Here is a glimpse of Google Shopping feed management services that our company offers:
Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Our shopping feed manager focuses on in-depth keyword research and discovery, matching your ad campaign with the most relevant search terms. This helps achieve higher ad rankings and greater visibility.

Creating Product Feed

Creating Product Feed

When we set up Google Shopping ads, our priority is to create product feeds that ensure higher rankings on search engine result page. This we achieve through continuous Google feed management and optimisation.



We are a private label Google Shopping management firm that implements comprehensive monitoring at product level. We perform tracking for your product inquiries, calls and conversions, ensuring that all vital data points regarding your ad performance are available.

Campaign Management & Optimisation

Campaign Management & Optimisation

You would want your advertisement to be on the top of Search Engine Results Page, and so do we. Our PPC experts utilise the best tools to get your PPC ad on the top.

PPC Reporting


The entire PPC ad campaign we design revolves around getting your business or website maximum click-through rate.

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Through comprehensive Google Shopping data feed management services, Adwords PPC Expert aims at successfully setting up a Google Shopping campaign to help businesses achieve remarkable growth and higher ROI. We will analyse your current ad campaigns, create a custom strategy and share what kind of Google Shopping ad results we are capable of delivering. Our key objective is to increase your visibility and conversion rate through product optimisation, bid management, and an intelligently designed Google Shopping strategy.

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