Are you seeking dedicated PPC consulting and optimisation service to boost conversion rates and reduce your bid price? Choose the best PPC freelancer in India – Adwords PPC Expert – which offers tailored and results-driven pay-per-click management services in a cost-effective way. Whether you have a budget of $50 or $5,000, we can help generate exceptional PPC results at a significantly lower Cost Per Acquisition. We have vast expertise in Google AdWords PPC advertising and can also deliver outstanding results on Bing, Facebook and other high-potential marketing platforms.

Key Benefits of Hiring Freelance PPC Services

Let’s have a glimpse of key advantages businesses can leverage by hiring an expert freelancer PPC in India

What We Can Offer You?

We are the Best PPC Freelancer India, offering a comprehensive range of services for improved website traffic, more leads and higher sales

A Pay-Per-Click or Google AdWords campaign can be remarkably expensive unless it is optimised for best results. With professional freelance consultation and a results-driven strategy, we can help streamline the process and deliver optimal outcomes such as increased visibility, more clicks, quality leads and greater sales.

Creating Ad Copy

Our freelance PPC services also include creating a compelling paid-search ad copy that instantly engages your audience and entices them to click. The ad creative focuses on targeted keywords and interesting content with Call-to-Action to maximise clicks and conversions.

PPC Campaign Optimisation

We are experts in PPC and Google AdWords campaign optimisation, ensuring you a lower Cost Per Acquisition with more leads and sales. We do this through in-depth competitor and keyword research, split testing the PPC ads, enhancing campaign configuration and monitoring conversions to drive increased sales.

Keyword Research

We leverage cutting-edge PPC tools and industry best practices to identify high conversion-potential yet less competitive keywords. Discovering most relevant keywords and fine tuning them is the key to success for any AdWords campaign. Through effective keyword research, we will also help retarget and remarket lost customers.

Landing Page Optimisation

As a PPC expert, we understand the power of a good landing page in driving more conversions. Therefore, we will also audit, optimise and improve your landing page to which the audience will be directed when they click on your ad. A relevant, information-rich and engaging landing page can convert your website audience into sales.

Competitor Analysis

Our team of PPC experts will thoroughly analyse PPC advertisements of your competitors, their targeted keywords and rankings achieved. This will help develop a rock-solid strategy that will enable your business to outgrow the competitors.

PPC Advertising Consultancy

Want to know why your PPC ad campaign isn’t delivering results as expected? It is time to seek consultation from an expert such as Adwords PPC Expert. We can assist you with the best practices and proven methodologies than can help achieve exceptional results for your PPC and Google AdWords campaign. We also provide expert recommendations on generating maximum conversions at lowest bid.

PPC Split Testing

Adwords PPC Expert is a dynamic PPC freelancer with unmatched domain knowledge that can help generate the best results from your pay-per-click ad campaign. We will split test multiple PPC advertisements with different ad copies to monitor which one attracts more clicks. This will help make the most of your campaign at the same budget.

PPC Traffic Analysis & Reporting

We will continuously monitor your PPC campaign for traffic analysis, number of clicks and conversion rate among other important metrics. This will help you track PPC performance, identify bottlenecks and make necessary tweaks to improve its effectiveness.

Like What We Do?

Give Your Website a Significant Boost with Dedicated PPC Services by a Google AdWords Freelancer

Another advantage of hiring a Google Ads freelancer like us is the flexibility to scale up and down your PPC advertising campaign depending on fast-changing marketing requirements of your business. For an in-house staff, you have to continue paying them salary or training them with latest technology even if there isn’t the requirement of setting up or managing a PPC account. However, you can hire a freelancer only on need basis, helping save your valuable money.

When you hire an in-house PPC expert, it is unlikely for the professional to possess all the skills required to ace success in diverse aspects of pay-per-click advertising. Hiring a freelance PPC company like us can give you access to the skills of a team of experienced PPC experts who leave no stone unturned to deliver the best results for your paid search advertising campaign. This can also help cut down your costs.

When you hire us as your trusted PPC or Google AdWords freelancer, rest assured to save remarkably on your overhead costs. We have the same skills and efficiency and deliver excellent results at a much affordable rate than having an in-house team. Save money in setting up work spaces, salary & perks, training and other costs of having internal SEO expert.

When you employ new staff, a significant time and effort goes in training them skilfully. Letting them go due to underperformance can cost heavily to your business. However, this isn’t the scenario when you hire us as your PPC freelancer. No long-term contracts; no training required. Just great results!

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Why We Stand Out as a PPC Freelancer India?

Higher CTR than Your Competitors

With a rock-solid strategy, proven methodologies and continuous tracking, we help achieve higher click-through-rate than your competitor websites.

Vast Industry Experience

Adwords PPC Expert has over a decade of experience in making successful PPC campaigns and generating effective results for our clients.

Better Conversions

Leveraging the power of a compelling ad copy and persuasive landing page, we help convert your leads into conversions. This can be in the form of making a purchase, subscribing for emails, etc.

Creativity & Innovativeness

We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, we do not offer cookie-cutter paid search advertisement solutions; rather our focus is offering bespoke and creative services that make your PPC ad stand out and achieve greater results for your business.

Experience a Growth of 50% in your PPC campaign

Have a PPC campaign that is not generating results as desired? The best Google Ads freelancer can tweak your strategy with compelling ad copies, smart bidding and effective keyword research to bring 50% growth in the existing campaign.

Expertise in Google AdWords

We are a trusted Google AdWords freelancer, having delivered over 100+ successful campaigns with high customer satisfaction. Our PPC experts know the nitty-gritty of pay-per-click advertising on Google AdWords, implementing the skill to deliver optimum results for your business.

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