Key Benefits of Our PPC Advertising Services

AdWords PPC Expert has vast experience, credibility and proven track record of delivering unmatched PPC services India. Our consultants are Google AdWords certified and they know every trick to maximise returns and minimise cost per click. We intelligently leverage powerful PPC advertising tools to deliver exceptional results. Our key focus areas are:

Conversion Rate

Better Conversion Rate

Getting you improved conversion rate is the sole purpose of our PPC services. This can be achieved by a combination of higher CTR and excellent product/service offering. We implement proven PPC strategies that are tailored to fit your business needs and customer buying interests. This helps drive more clicks and increased conversions.

Effective Keywords

Effective Keywords

Keywords are phrases that people use to search for a problem, product or service on search engines. We ensure that your ad content is well optimised with long tail keywords to improve page rankings and better conversions. Our experts perform in-depth keyword research and analysis to generate maximum PPC value.

Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimisation

When a user clicks on your ad, he or she will be directed to a landing page that has information about your business, product, service or solution. No wonder it has to be most relevant, engaging and impactful to convert potential customers into sales. We optimise your landing pages with strong CTAs to improve their clickability.

Ad Ranking

Top PPC Ad Ranking

You would want your advertisement to be on the top of Search Engine Results Page, and so do we. Our PPC experts utilise the best tools to get your PPC ad on the top. We optimise the ad copy with the right keywords to make it search friendly and improve its visibility.

Higher CTR

Higher CTR

The entire PPC ad campaign we design revolves around getting your business or website maximum click-through rate. We harness industry best practices and our vast PPC acumen to increase your ad visibility, drive relevant target audience and increase click-through rate. Higher CTR means better ad engagement and higher conversions for your brand.

Ad Copy

Excellent Ad Copy

Your advertisement is the first thing that search engine users will notice. So, it has to be attractive and relevant with useful information that invokes them to click. Our creative designers and content writers do a lot of brainstorming to build an outstanding ad copy that instantly impresses your target audiences.

Competitive Bid Strategy

Competitive Bid Strategy

The best bid can ensure low Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for your PPC ad campaign. We harness our experience in this field to negotiate and help you bag the most competitive bid on Google AdWords. An effective bid strategy would also mean lower Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and improved clickability of your ads.

Cost Per Acquisition

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

We constantly strive to cut down on your Cost Per Acquisition and Cost Per Conversion by focusing on building long-lasting customer relations. The PPC campaigns we devise are focused towards increasing ad visibility and generating higher click-through rate but at a lower CPA that ensures the best value for every dollar spent.

Hire Award-Winning PPC Expert

Get Quick Returns on Every Penny That You Spend!

AdWords PPC Expert is India’s #1 certified PPC expert, promising continuous business growth and maximum Return on Investment for your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. We are a leading Google AdWords PPC agency, built on the premises of process-driven, result-oriented PPC services India to ensure maximum revenues. Our objective is not just getting you increased traffic or sales; we are incessantly looking to innovate to ensure minimal Cost Per Customer acquisition and Cost Per Conversion.

This is why complex online businesses trust us with their PPC advertising campaign. Our PPC services are tailor-made to fit unique business requirements and deliver outstanding results.

Transform Business

How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Can Transform Businesses

Do you have an eye-catching, inspiring website? Have you set up an ecommerce business?

The question is – Are you advertising your website or online business with effective results? If not, you are missing out on a big share of the pie!

According to a recent survey, there are over 2 billion Internet users. Staggering but true, 93% of all online activities initiate with a ‘search.’ Major search engines like Google witness 3.5 billion searches every day with 40,000 searches every second. Just imagine how ‘enormous’ the market potential is when you advertise on search engines!

Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising is the key to unlock unprecedented business opportunities and get immediate results. There are millions of Internet users searching for your business on search engines. A professional AdWords Expert can help create a powerful ad campaign that delivers exceptional benefits of Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google.

So, what is PPC advertising? Pay-Per-Click is a proven & reliable method to drive instant and targeted website traffic with better conversion potential. A certified PPC expert will help set up an impactful & engaging ad campaign, optimise it with relevant keywords and position it on high-visibility spots on Google search engine. Every time someone clicks on the advertisement, you need to pay for the same. Some PPC campaigns also include other payment systems like you pay when someone views the ad or actually converts into business via the PPC campaign.

Why Choose Us for Effective PPC Advertising?

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    Collaborative approach to fit in client requirements at all stages

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    We continuously innovate to reduce our clients’ advertising cost and maximise return on investment

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    An acclaimed team of certified professionals, having vast experience in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics

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    Bespoke PPC services India to meet unique business needs and goals

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    We have successfully completed 2000+ PPC projects. This highlights our credibility in the industry

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    Cost-effective PPC services and 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Looking for result-driven, cost-effective PPC advertising solution? Partner with us to give your online business an exceptional boost.


PPC advertising, if not executed properly, can eat up your assets in the long run. At AdWords PPC Expert, we let no stone unturned to ensure cost-effectiveness at its best. We do it with effective keyword research which is the stepping stone of any PPC campaign. The quality of web traffic, to a large extent, depends on appropriate keywords. When you hire a PPC expert like us, we help you search the most relevant keywords with the right match to drive quality leads.

Another way by which we reduce our clients’ CPA is by improving quality score to the extent where it will cause the bid to decrease. This is because Ad Rank = Quality Score X Maximum Bid. So, even if you are a start up business with limited money, your PPC campaign can win. When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, common saying goes like “a penny saved is a penny earned.” We are an experienced AdWords expert who can minimise your advertising budget and improve ROI.

PPC Advertising


We know the power of PPC advertising in driving radical business results. Therefore, we take a 360-degree, integrated approach for higher visibility, better lead generation and increased sales.

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    Strategic solution for significant brand exposure & maximum returns

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    Campaign setup, all-round management and consulting

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    Targeted planning, goal setting, search engine optimisation and detailed analysis for better reach

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    AdWords account review and reporting

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    Market analysis and keyword research

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    Building a simplified and data-driven account structure

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    Text or video advertisement optimisation

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    Dedicated account manager and PPC expert

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    Restructuring and optimising existing account

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    Monthly reporting

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    Manual tracking & bid management within AdWords

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    Conversion tracking and monitoring

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    Easy and hassle-free access to your account, any time


PPC Results

Get Immediate Results

One of the biggest advantages of Pay Per Click advertising is it helps achieve measurable and instant results. Our PPC advertising campaigns drive immediate results. People will see your ad on Google when searching for a product or service, and if relevant, they will click to view your website or business.

Quality Lead Generation

Quality Lead Generation

It is the best way to ‘pull’ quality leads with higher conversion potential. Why? This is because Google Adwords will display your ad only when someone searches for a problem/product/service you cater to. So, search engine traffic is already interested in your business. So, PPC is a ‘pull’ strategy rather than ‘push.’

Better CTR

Higher Rate of Conversion

Search engines generate more relevant & targeted traffic than any other medium. Our PPC services are designed to drive search traffic that has maximum conversion rate. When you position your advertisement on search engines, you are actually positioning your website for better conversions. Get conversion-oriented, ROI-focused PPC services at Adwords PPC Experts.

Affordable PPC management

Affordable PPC Management

As a Google recognized PPC company with multiple Google AdWords certified experts on staff, Adwords PPC Expert PPC management services are as reliable and professional as they are affordable. We offer the most competitive rates for proven PPC solutions that are tailored to meet your marketing needs and drive qualified leads.

Traffic Growth

Incredible Traffic Growth

Join hands with Adwords PPC Expert to dramatically boost traffic to your website. We will create attractive & engaging ad campaigns and position them in places with maximum visibility. This way, you can drive thousands of clicks and that too, the ones with high conversion potential. Consult our PPC experts today.

Measureable Results

Measurable Results

One of the best things why you should choose PPC advertising is that the results are measurable. Use Google AdWords in combination with Analytics to get comprehensive reports on clicks, impression and conversions. The results can be analysed to tweak weak areas and improve performance of the ad campaign.

Our End-to-End PPC Services in India

If you wish to have a rock-solid footprint on the digital landscape, it is vital to have a professional AdWords expert to help you. Regardless of your business size and target audience, AdWords PPC Expert serves to be a leading Google AdWords PPC agency in India. We have a highly competent team of PPC consultants who would identify excellent opportunities from among billions of online searches to let you capitalise on them. We offer a gamut of PPC services that would empower you to edge past your competitors, build a powerful brand image and earn maximum revenues. Here is a glimpse of where we excel:

Mobile Advertising: Added Exposure, Better Conversions

The unparalleled growth in Smartphone usage over the past few decades has paved the way for effective mobile PPC advertising. The number of people using mobile search engines to find products & services has increased dramatically. Adding to this is the popularity of mobile apps! This lucrative and high-potential market can be best utilised with the aid of PPC advertising. Whether you want to gain higher visibility on mobile search engines or promote your mobile application, we can help improve brand exposure and conversion.

Search Engine Advertising: Be Found

Advertising on popular search engines like Google ensures maximum brand exposure and Return on Investment. Our dedicated search engine advertising campaign wins you from anonymity to visibility. We create PPC advertisements that are relevant, targeted and optimised to grab the attention of your potential customers. All ad campaigns are optimised to maximise your search engine visibility and drive quality leads. This is achieved by integrating the right keywords and content optimisation. Our simple mantra is ‘Be Found!’ And that’s what our PPC campaigns are focused on.

Google Shopping Ads: Boost Your Sales>

Do you know that about 95% of Internet users search Google for online shopping? And this is a huge share of the market to leverage! If you are looking for the right mantra to boost your e-commerce website or online business, we are here to provide the best PPC advertising solution. We design intelligent Google shopping ads to promote your online business and improve visibility. With dedicated ad campaigning, improving sales becomes seamless. We use the right keywords and proven PPC tactics to drive more sales.

Amazon PPC Advertising: Gain More Visibility

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer in terms of market capitalisation and revenue. Our smart Amazon PPC advertising is the best way to target the giant online retailer’s exponential user base. We ensure high visibility and better conversion rates with Amazon Product Listing Ads (PLAs). We have years of experience in Amazon PPC services and our experts know how to bid on relevant keywords to gain higher visibility on Amazon Search Engine Result Pages. Being found on Amazon means increased conversions and higher sales & revenues.

Social Media PPC Advertising: Get More Leads, Effective Branding and Higher Sales

Social media advertising is a powerful branding tool, driving quality leads for your business. We are India’s best PPC expert, empowering you to make the most out of your PPC advertising campaign. Social Media is a ‘magic’ tool that can transform businesses from rags to reaches, if utilised smartly. Therefore, we build integrated PPC campaigns for popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. With our social media solutions, we ensure engagement & quality leads, targeting the right audience at the right time.

Retargeting & Remarketing: Build Loyalty

Drive more leads by retargeting potential customers who have earlier visited your website or shown interest in your brand but did not convert. This is one of the most important PPC services India that we offer. Our result-driven Remarketing service is a smart way to target your lost customers and get them back on board. When you dedicatedly retarget your old customers through PPC advertising, they will feel important. This helps create a strong impression and brand loyalty. It is also easier to drive more conversions.

Video Advertising: Create Brand Awareness

It is said that a video has more power to attract & connect than any other medium. When it is about creating the buzz about your brand or driving user engagement, video advertisements work in an excellent way. Our experts create the most stunning video ads and intelligently position them to target any segment you wish. It is a great way to grab user attention and increase click-through rate with better conversions. Video advertising is also a powerful tool to boost brand awareness.

PPC Audits: Get Your PPC Ad Campaign Right

Do you already have an AdWords advertisement running for the past few months? Not getting results as expected? Let our seasoned consultants have an audit of your PPC campaign for free. They will go through your campaign structure, optimise and simplify it to deliver outstanding results with a data-driven approach. They will also suggest ways to minimise spending on PPC advertising, while getting desired results. Our comprehensive PPC reports with actionable insights add value to your business and make it stand out in the competition.

PPC Services

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