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No other digital marketing channel promises the level of flexibility, accountability and measurability as Pay-Per-Click advertising. Whether you want to increase website visits, generate quality leads and more sales or simply get more enquiries, PPC is a powerful marketing tool that can help deliver quick results and in a cost-effective manner.

However, running a Google AdWords PPC campaign can be complex and expensive if there isn’t a solid plan in place. Do not fall into the trap where you end up bidding on broad keywords and become bankrupt without even generating a single enquiry or conversion. Trust AdWords PPC Expert! We are an expert AdWords PPC consultant that can help maximise every penny spent on your paid search advertising campaign and ensure you pay only for high-quality, relevant website traffic. Hire our freelance AdWords consultant who can serve clients of every size and complexity, developing effective PPC strategies that drive potential leads while minimising Cost Per Conversion.

Let Experts Manage Your Google AdWords Campaign for Guaranteed Results

Our certified PPC professionals will setup and manage a campaign that helps generate increased traffic and higher ROI while ensuring complete control and smart scalability.

Let the Best AdWords Consultant Manage Your PPC Campaign

Get Ready to Generate Improved Conversions and Greater ROI!

We are among the top AdWords consultants in India, taking a comprehensive approach to deliver quality services and achieve remarkable results in terms of increased visibility, higher clicks, quality leads and more conversions. Let’s a have a glimpse of how we achieve it:

PPC Campaign Management & Reporting

Our experienced project manager will continuously monitor performance of the ad and keep you updated for strategic decision making. We will also provide required intelligence to make key changes such as A/B split testing, tweaking landing pages or ROI analysis.

Visitor Convertibility Analysis & Objective Setting

Based on your finalised keywords and target audience analysis, we will set clear and realistic PPC objectives. Our AdWords PPC consultant will also analyse your landing pages and optimise them to direct the traffic to quality entry points that can help increase conversions.

Creating an Ad Copy

We are experts in crafting PPC ad copies that are strategically designed to be relevant and engaging for maximum visibility and clicks. At the same time, we ensure that the advertisements are positioned in the most profitable places across diverse platforms to entice the customers and attract more clicks.

Setting up a Budget

Being a certified AdWords consultant, we are experts in making every penny count for your PPC campaign. Having mastery in effective bid management, we will set a lucrative overall ad spend and optimum cost-per-click for your PPC campaign.

Keyword Tuning

Our team of certified Google AdWords consultants will research high-conversion, less-competitive keywords, targeting a specific geography or hyper-local search. This ensures your PPC ad will reach consumers who are genuinely interested in your products and services. Since in pay-per-click advertising, you pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement, it is crucial to choose the keywords carefully so that they can generate quality leads.

Competition and Target Audience Analysis

Our freelance AdWords consultant will thoroughly monitor what your competitors are doing and how well they are ranking for paid search advertising. We will also analyse your target audience and likewise, strategise a PPC campaign.

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The Google AdWords Certified Experts in our team will thoroughly analyse your PPC account and develop a dedicated plan tailored to deliver outstanding results for your business growth.

Why Work With the Best AdWords Consultant?

Our reputation and success as an AdWords consultant are built around the outstanding results we deliver to our valued clients. We are a team of certified AdWords PPC consultants that can help businesses leverage the potential of Pay-Per-Click advertising and stay ahead in the competitive and fast-paced world of digital marketing. Whatever your core marketing requirements are, target audience or budget, with our result-driven strategy and forward-thinking best practices, you can stay ahead of your competition.

There are several factors contributing to the success of a PPC advertising campaign. From competition & target audience analysis to the right choice of keywords and effective bidding strategy, all components of the campaign are designed following a customised strategy. As a trusted Google ads consultant, we take into consideration your needs & goals, target audience and your market credibility to strategise bespoke solutions that help stay ahead of your competition.

With industry best practices and proven methodologies, our freelance AdWords consultant has successfully achieved the highest rate of conversion for our clients. Have a glimpse of our case studies and understand how we helped our clients achieve conversion goals for their PPC campaigns.

One of the key reasons that differentiate us as a certified AdWords consultant is our affordable prices without compromising with the quality of work. Having an experienced freelance consultant can help attain your marketing objectives and improve conversion rates.

Vast Industry Experience You Can Trust

Harnessing our decades of experience in PPC advertising, we have A/B tested, created impactful campaigns and improved conversion rates for 250+ clients, ranging from real estate and healthcare to legal, education, travel, hospitality and local services.

Not all client requirements are the same. Some consult us to improve results for their live PPC campaigns while others may want to design a strategy from scratch. Some clients may aim at increasing product visibility while others may target a long-drawn strategy to build their brand and improve ROI. Therefore, we offer flexible consulting solutions that enable us to scale our services as per unique needs of our clients.

Google AdWords PPC campaign

Are You Ready to Achieve Business Success With Us?

Is your Google AdWords PPC campaign not delivering results as expected? Our experts will build successful PPC campaigns to maximise results and save your money.

Professional AdWords Consulting Services

Google AdWords Expert You Can Trust for Outstanding Results

Are you looking for professional AdWords consulting services to generate exceptional results for your PPC campaign? Your search ends with AdWords PPC Expert! Google AdWords is our passion.

And why just AdWords! We leverage the potential of social media such as Facebook and search engines like Bing to ensure maximum exposure and high conversions for your PPC campaign. We are continuously updating our knowledge and skills to provide solutions that are at par with industry standards and latest trends.

Google AdWords PPC advertising can be complex, time-consuming and expensive if there is no intelligently-planned strategy in place. Therefore, hiring an AdWords consultant can be the best bet for you. We provide expert consultancy services for your Google AdWords campaign, ensuring effective structuring, stability and economic feasibility. Our unmatched expertise in remarketing, location targeting and landing page optimisation makes us a reliable AdWords PPC consultant in India.

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Get guaranteed RESULTS, driving increased traffic that converts into quality leads and more sales.

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We are the #1 AdWords consultants in India with the objective to maximise ROI with comprehensive Pay-Per-Click services.

Building, managing and achieving lucrative results from your Google AdWords campaign involves intricate processes and can be time-consuming. Without a definite and strategic plan, you can end up paying heftily on your PPC campaign but without generating quality results. Let Adwords PPC Expert handle everything for you. If you want to build an AdWords PPC campaign from scratch or considering tweaking an existing one for improved results, get in touch with us to talk to our expert Google ads consultant. We have vast experience in offering results-driven PPC solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Are you wondering where to find the best “Google AdWords consultant near me?” Call us today at +1-888-927-6567 for a free, no-obligation quote and customised AdWords PPC solutions.

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