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Do you have an awesome website but still unable to garner visits as desired? Are you losing out a major share of the market to your competitors despite having a rock-solid SEO campaign? It’s time to leverage an alternative digital marketing strategy that is highly targeted and delivers instant results. And nothing can beat the lucrative marketing opportunity that a comprehensive and result-oriented paid search campaign paves for your online business! Pay Per Click advertising is a powerful tool that provides the best of both worlds – improved brand value and higher sales.Partner with a reputable PPC agency like Adwords PPC Expert who would leave no stone unturned to identify new marketing opportunities and transform them to your business success. We will capitalise on proven PPC tactics and tailored solutions that are specifically focused on your niche and target audience to deliver outstanding results.

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Our PPC Services

Being one of the top PPC agencies in India, we take a result-driven and tailor-made approach to derive exceptional results for your business. Our comprehensive PPC services include:

Search PPC Advertising

It is one of the most integral elements of Pay Per Click advertising – positioning your ad strategically on search engines to improve visibility and generate more clicks. Being advertised on top of Google search engine result pages (SERPs) can significantly boost the likelihood of getting clicked at one go.


Connecting with your old customers through dedicated remarketing strategies can take the success of your PPC campaign to newest levels. We can design highly engaging pay-per-click ads that can help showcase your brands to those consumers who have visited your website earlier.

Mobile Advertising

With improved Smartphone penetration and Internet connectivity, the demand for mobile advertising has grown remarkably. Being the best PPC agency India, we can create high-performance mobile advertising that can help target a broader audience base and boost your visibility.

Social Media Advertising

Do you know that PPC ads on social media have a greater reach and engagement level than display advertising , but lower Cost Per Click (CPC) than search? We leverage this opportunity to create stunning social media ads with high conversion potential.

Display Advertising

Phenomenal reach of display advertising makes it a powerful tool to leverage as your PPC campaign strategy. We are your trusted PPC agency in India that leverages display advertising to drive increased web traffic and improve sales.

Shopping Ads

We are capable of creating impactful and result-oriented shopping ads on powerful platforms such as Google and Amazon, facilitating selling your products & services seamlessly to consumers online.

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See How the Best PPC Agency India Can Help Grow Your Business

We are a trusted India PPC agency that takes a comprehensive outlook to deliver outstanding paid search advertising results. Our end-to-end solutions and customised approach makes us one of the top-notch PPC agencies India. Here’s how we can help grow your business with dedicated PPC solutions:

Target audience and business requirement analysis – This helps us deliver tailored solutions that fit your core requirements.

Keyword research and identification – We harness cutting-edge keyword research tools to identify ones that can give your business maximum exposure.

Creating an engaging, crisp and impactful ad copy – A compelling ad title and catchy description will help garner more clicks.

Landing page optimisation – We will optimise the landing pages the PPC ad directs to with the objective to achieve maximum conversions.

Effective bid management–Our certified PPC experts will only bid on keywords that can generate maximum ROI for your business. The bids are constantly monitored with focus on keywords that more targeted and less competitive.

Call/conversion/sales tracking– We will continuously track the number of clicks, conversions and sales the PPC ad campaign is generating.

PPC campaign monitoring, analysis and reporting– All paid search ad campaigns are thoroughly monitored, analysed and reported to the clients. This helps measure campaign performance and tweaking it as per latest industry trends.

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Why We Are the Best PPC Agency in India?

When you choose pay per click advertising as your digital marketing strategy, you would want relevant traffic to your website because every click matters. Therefore, you need only a reliable and certified Google PPC agency that can ensure every penny you spend does not go waste. We are one of the top PPC agencies in India with a competitive advantage in the following fields:

PPC agency in india

There are many PPC agencies in India but what makes us different is our comprehensive approach, proven tactics and the commitment to deliver guaranteed PPC results with reduced costs.

  • 1. Tailored PPC strategies that can help meet your unique digital marketing goals
  • 2. We are an affordable PPC agency that leverages cost-effective yet result-driven solutions to deliver exceptional outcomes
  • 3. A team of highly experienced and certified PPC experts who leave no stone unturned to ensure that every ad spend counts
  • 4. Best PPC agency fees in the market; no hidden charges, no obligatory contracts
  • 5. We leverage proven PPC methodologies that are at par with industry standards and latest trends
  • 6.Scalable pay per click advertising solutions that are designed to scale based on your changing business requirements
  • 7. Generate increased traffic and more conversions at a remarkably lower CPC
  • 8. Measurable results that you can track and make effective decisions

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How Pay Per Click Advertising Can Help Boost Your Business Online?

Wondering why you should you invest in PPC advertising when SEO can deliver similar results in a more cost-effective manner? Check out these quick facts:

1. 75% of online consumers say “paid search” advertising make it simple to gather valuable information they are looking for on a search engine or website

2. 33% of Internet users click on a paid advertisement because it tends to answer their search query directly

3. Over 50% of paid search clicks are likely to result in conversions

Additionally, Google research confirms that even if your website has #1 organic search engine ranking, only paid search ads can “provide 50% incremental clicks.”

Consumers search the Internet with intent, i.e. to find certain information. As long as your paid ad is relevant to their search intent, clicks will continue to come. Search Engine Optimisation is truly effective to drive organic website visits and improve sales; but if you want quick results and have control over your total ad spend, PPC advertising can help achieve marketing success.Work with certified Google PPC agency and get remarkable results in terms of improved brand visibility, generating more website traffic and increasing conversions.

Partner with the best PPC agency today to take your business ahead of the crowd and make every penny count. Get remarkable PPC results with Adwords PPC Expert, the top PPC agency you can trust for effective pay per click advertising.

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