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Pay per Click advertising can help generate immediate results in the form of effective lead generation and increasing your sales. However, PPC is paid advertising. Where every penny you spend counts, it is crucial to have a high-performance and results-driven PPC campaign that ensure long-term success.

Without a definitive strategy in place, your ad campaign will fail to drive relevant traffic and only increase your total cost. Therefore, you need a professional offshore PPC expert that can help maximise your Return on Investment whilst reducing your cost. Adwords PPC Expert has revolutionised the digital marketing arena with cutting-edge innovations and a handpicked team of skilled professionals who continuously stay abreast with the latest trends and strategies. Leveraging proven industry practices and our unmatched experience, we offer end-to-end offshore PPC services to help generate guaranteed results in terms of improved brand visibility, higher click-through rate (CTR), quality leads and more sales. For us, every business is distinct and hence we design an ad campaign tailored to fit your core objectives and budget.

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How Offshore PPC Services Can Ensure Exceptional Business Results?

pay-per-Click advertising is a long-term investment. Most businesses lack the time and expertise required to make PPC a sheer success. Hence, it is a more viable option to outsource PPC management services to a professional who has vast knowledge in this field and is capable of handling various types of projects in a successful manner.

If you are considering hiring an offshore PPC company India , Adwords PPC Expert is the best choice for you. Let’s have a look into the advantages of outsourcing PPC services to an offshore company.

Skilled Talent

Skilled Talent Pool

The quality of industry knowledge and in-depth market insights that a PPC expert from our company offer is second to none. We have a team of certified professionals with over 5 years of experience, great communication skills and expertise to ensure outstanding PPC results at a minimal cost.

PPC Strategy

Building a Winning PPC Strategy

Our offshore PPC experts will thoroughly analyse your competition and target market, and develop a strategy that delivers maximum engagement. Intelligent advert scheduling, timely control, constant monitoring not only improves your campaign’s CTR but also drives more conversions.

Bid Management

Effective Bid Management

Bidding on the right keywords in a calculative manner is an art that only offshore PPC experts like us have mastered over years of experience. The process requires in-depth comparative analysis, market research and risk assessment while keeping the cost to the lowest. We work upon several key metrics and bid management automation to optimise keyword bids in an efficient manner.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your Costs

One of the biggest advantages of having an offshore PPC partner is significant cost savings. Hiring an in-house PPC team and setting up an infrastructure can be a huge investment for your company. Outsource services to us and you can enjoy the benefits of affordable PPC plans & packages, state-of-the-art infrastructure and dedicated professionals without spending exorbitantly. Leverage the benefits of our cost effective pricing; no upfront cost in employee remuneration and training

Manage PPC campaign


A limitation of hiring an in-house PPC team is lack of scalability. You have to make hefty investments initially in recruiting and training an employee, and even pay salary month-on-month even when there is no live PPC campaign to manage. With us, you can scale up or down your service requirements depending on your business needs. No long-term contracts; no obligations!

Offshore PPC Professional

High Levels of Professionalism

Hiring offshore PPC services from Adwords PPC Expert has an advantage of getting the project completed and implemented in the fastest possible time. We are highly professional and live up to our project deadline commitments every time.

Pay Per Click advertising guarantees traffic. The top offshore PPC expert ensures turning that traffic into sales!

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The ‘Adwords PPC Expert’ Advantage

The success of a PPC campaign does not end with effective ideation and implementation. It has to be constantly monitored, optimised and improved to ensure your efforts are on track and continue to deliver quality results. Our certified PPC experts keep your budget and bids in sync so that you get the best value for every dollar spent. Check out why we are the top offshore PPC company in India:

Keeping pace with latest industry trends and practices, we will continuously optimise your PPC ad campaign to make it more engaging and increase the likelihood of getting clicked. We will redesign and improve your ad copies or landing pages, driving more leads and boosting your revenues.

Our end-to-end offshore PPC management services include everything from campaign creation to implementation, optimisation, monitoring and reporting to ensure it delivers quality results as expected.

When you outsource PPC services to a professional, you’d expect driving maximum Return on Investment. As a leading offshore PPC expert India, we continuously innovate with solutions like remarketing or Google Shopping Ads, maximising brand visibility and revenues for your business.

To increase your visibility and reach, we will create distinctive and compelling ad campaigns for multiple platforms such as Google Display & Search, Social Media, Shopping, etc. This can help drive more clicks and better conversions.

We also specialise in providing white-label offshore PPC services for SEO firms & consultants, freelancers and third-party PPC companies

Offshore PPC Company

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PPC Ad Campaigns that Increase Your Odds; Drive More Traffic with Paid Search

Adwords PPC Expert is the most trusted white-label offshore PPC company in India. Based on an effective strategy and methodological approach, we build a productive PPC campaign that improves your brand visibility, boosts website traffic, drives sales and maximises your ROI. Only a well-defined PPC campaign can guarantee outstanding results, gathering more eyeballs and turning your leads into sales. With our focus on improving your conversion rate, we build high-performance and ROI-driven PPC campaigns that enable you to meet your marketing goals without burning a hole in your pocket.

PPC Ads campaigns
  • Performing in-depth research of your website, competition, target audience and keywords
  • Setting up a PPC account and defining your marketing goals
  • Determining your PPC advertising budget
  • Keyword analysing and matching with most relevant Ad Groups
  • Negative match keyword monitoring
  • Drafting compelling ad copies with an engaging Call to Action
  • Creating or optimising landing pages to drive maximum conversions
  • A/B testing ad copies and landing pages to evaluate CTR, bounce rates and other key metrics
  • Reviewing quality score and rewriting ads or landing pages to drive more clicks
  • Effective bid management to increase your ROI
  • Continuous bid updates, campaign monitoring and reporting

We are the best remarketing services company in India that offer tailored solutions to deliver outstanding results

Remarketing is all about reaching and re-engaging with your prospects at the right time and on the right platform. Therefore, we take a strategic approach wherein we analyse when your audiences are most active and on which platform. Similarly, we also adjudge which ad platform experiences peak visit at what time segment of the day. Likewise, we will position your ads to maximise visibility and reach.

Harnessing proven methodologies, split testing and continuous monitoring, we ensure delivering guaranteed results for your ad spend.

Tailored Ads that Resonate with Your Remarketing Strategy

Your ad creative strategy plays an integral role in ensuring remarketing success. We build ads that are relevant to your target audience, delivers similar look & feel as your website, and have a persuasive call-to-action.

Our job as the top remarketing agency does not end with building intelligent remarketing campaigns for our clients. We will constantly monitor how it is performing on different platforms, conduct A/B testing and measure performance against set goals. This helps us identify bottlenecks if any and ensure guaranteed results in the form of more traffic, quality leads and greater ROI.

We provide the perfect combination of high quality PPC remarketing services and great prices that meet your marketing needs and budget.

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