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Improving Visibility, Increasing Sales

If your brilliantly designed website and SEO campaign haven’t restricted your competitors from walking away with bulk of the business you need to think of an alternative strategy. What should be that strategy? It should one that increases your online visibility. It must bring in highly targeted traffic to your website and most importantly turn these page views into sales. And there is no better way to harness such opportunity than work on an aggressive ‘paid search’ campaign. PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing as it is popularly called offers you unlimited dividends both in terms of sales as well as increasing your brand equity. When you work with an established PPC advertising firm the team would unearth new opportunities and convert them to success. A PPC advertising company goes beyond the realms of ordinary search engine marketing strategies and capitalizes on the most lucrative opportunities available at hand.

PPC Marketing Campaigns

The Synergy of Visibility & Relevance

Your search for the best pay per click advertising company ends here. At AdWords PPC Expert we enjoy the track record helping clients earn maximum dividends from paid search marketing campaign. What makes us different? It’s surely in our process that includes detailed research, creating tailored campaign strategy and executing them immaculately.

As you would know PPC marketing offers you two distinct benefits over other form of digital marketing and these are - relevance in terms of the traffic you generate and complete control over your visibility. Our team of experts create the perfect synergy between visibility and relevance to offer you concentrated reach and create maximum chances of sales with your campaign. As one of the leading Pay Per Click agencies in the world we are catering to clients across the spectrum and have built inherent knowledge in different businesses

We are a data driven team and that’s what puts us into an advantage. Our research starts with numbers as this allows us to figure out the right path towards success. As an agency we don’t look at your PPC campaign in isolation but see it as an important component of your larger digital marketing initiative. Whether you have an active SEO or SMM campaign going on our PPC experts would borrow positive dividends out of them also help in boosting these efforts with our refined strategies.

What We Offer

At AdWords PPC Expert we are solely focussed on delivering results and maximizing your acquisition on every single dollar that goes into your campaign. We have built our expertise across different PPC platforms and are competent enough to create and manage your campaign on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and other smaller platforms. As an agency we have invested in state-of-the-art tools that allow us to add teeth to your campaign and make it stand ahead of competition. There aren’t any standard rules for PPC Marketing as every platform has its inherent dynamics. For instance there are different strategies that need to be followed while running a campaign on Google AdWords as compared to one being managed on Facebook. We have developed expertise in the inherent factors that govern success of a campaign and this allows us to deliver results.

We manage hundreds of thousands dollars’ worth of campaign every year and work with clients across the board irrespective of their budget. We work closely with each and every client to ensure your goals are completely reflected in the campaign and it allows you to draw the intended mileage. Whether you are a small startup or a large business wanting to target potential customers in multiple geographies we are your best choice PPC advertising firm. Our PPC strategy involves

PPC Advertising

1. Analysis of Business Goals and Competition

2. Discovering Keywords and Key Phrases

3. Create A Bidding Strategy

4. Creating and Optimizing Landing pages

5. Develop Ad Copy and other Creative

6. Manage and Monitor Campaign

7. Track Performance and Send Reports


Do you wish to have more qualified traffic on your website? Do you wish to attract people who are likely to buy your product or service? You have to look beyond Search Engine Optimization. Though SEO is one of the core components of any digital marketing campaign it has its limitations. This is where PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is your path to success. In a world where every business is committed towards increasing their digital presence you need to think beyond the ordinary to attract traffic that leads to sales. Called ‘paid search marketing’ PPC has been recognized as the most productive form of digital marketing that separates your digital identity from the realms of ordinary. A PayPer Click Advertising Company that comes with proven credentials is your need and will propel your products and services to newer heights adding to your brand identity during the course of your campaign.

Why PPC Advertising Company?

This is one question we are often asked by our client? Yes there are dozens of ways in which you can promote your business, products or services digitally but paid search marketing offers you many incentives and these include

1. Improves visibility and creates opportunities immediately
2. Drives in highly qualified traffic and improves conversion rate
3. Helps harness immediate opportunities in the market
4. You have control over the campaign through keywords and key phrases
5. Works perfectly with other digital marketing strategies


Private Label or White Label SEO service is a win-win engagement for you as well as us. You can increase your profits without having to take any risk in terms of adding to your operating costs while we benefit from regular flow of projects. While this applies to thousands of other companies who offer Private Label Services we have created our own stronghold based on quality work at the most competitive price. Apart from staying abreast with the latest trends in the industry we always walk the extra mile to accommodate your need on individual projects. Your clients are different and some of them need careful handling and our team is always ready to accept such challenges.

Seasoned Experts, Tailored Strategies

If you search for a PPC advertising company you will come across thousands of such firms. But not all of them can deliver expected results or get the best out of your campaign budget. At AdWords PPC Expert we have been able to build a value based relationship with our clients by offering them maximum visibility and increasing conversion rates for their budget. As market leaders in paid search marketing we bring in years or experience to the table. Each of our PPC experts has been in this trade for years and has witnessed the evolution of paid search marketing and its potential in helping businesses reach their audience faster and turn interactions into sales. We keep abreast with the latest trends in PPC marketing and with our strong technical knowledge we are able work on campaigns that help businesses realise their goals. Your business’s challenges are unique and being a client oriented PPC advertising firm we work on a tailored strategy that not only addresses your present needs but also evolves with the change in markets, your business’ goals and also campaign run by your competitors.

How We Do It For You?

There are four pillars on which any PPC campaign stands – expertise of the marketers, inherent knowledge in the industry, patience to build campaign from scratch and monitoring KPIs. This is what makes us different from an average Pay Per Click Advertising Company that you would come across. We aren’t one of those all-in-one bouquet agencies but one that specializes in PPC management. This is what keeps us funded and going and also drives the passion and energy within the team. From Google AdWords to Facebook and from Bing to several mobile platforms have all of them covered up. Whether you want to solely focus on the search engines or explore a multi-pronged PPC campaign we are the best pay per click advertising partner on all parameters when you compare us against our rivals.

Your campaign starts at the drawing board and the maximum time we devote to your campaign would go towards research and bidding. From getting into the details of your competitor’s campaign to spotting new opportunities that can be cashed on our team prepares a campaign that addresses all your business problems and also harnesses every single possibility that’s available. Our aim is to offer you maximum visibility and drive in convertible traffic to your landing page. While we apply tailored strategies for every project, a typical campaign would include

  • 1. Detailed Analysis of Business Goals
  • 2. Competition Analysis and Market Study
  • 3. Keywords and Key Phrases Research
  • 4. Preparation of Comprehensive Bidding Strategy
  • 5. Landing Page Creation and Optimization
  • 6. Creating Captivating Ad Copies
  • 7. Monitoring Campaign and Tracking Performance
PPC camapign

Making Your Investment Count

Our team is driven by the goal to make your investment count. Using the most productive keyword research tools we are able to find keywords that put you in a vantage point against your competition. This is backed up by the most proficient bidding strategy which allows us to help you earn maximum engagement for every single dollar spent on your campaign. Our experts would constantly monitor your campaign to ensure it achieves intended milestones and make change in strategy to explore emerging opportunities.

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