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In today’s cut-throat digital marketing arena, you cannot overlook the reach and effectiveness that Google AdWords offers to marketers. Google alone holds a major market share of 71%, ensuring your PPC ad campaigns stay ahead of competition and drives higher ROI. Furthermore, Google Pay-Per-Click advertising has a high conversion potential – 50% more than organic traffic. So it is a powerful platform to gain improved visibility & brand recognition, and generate immediate results.

However, achieving marketing success with Google AdWords demand in-depth knowledge of how the platform works and having a result-oriented strategy in place.To garner the #1 ad position on Google Search & Display, you need a Google Adwords certified company that can help build a ROI-driven PPC strategy to maximise your reach and drive instant clicks. Adwords PPC Expert is a top-notch Google AdWords PPC solutions provider, specialising in building brand recognition and generating targeted website traffic to deliver high Return on Investment. We are a team of highly competent AdWords specialists having incredible expertise developing and managing Google AdWords PPC campaigns with guaranteed results.

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Why You Need a Certified AdWords Professional For Your Business?

The field of Pay Per Click advertising arena is ever dynamic. The industry trends and methodologies are constantly evolving, making the process more complex than ever. Google AdWords paves lucrative advertising opportunities to marketers but most business owners lack the knowledge and expertise that goes in building a successful ad campaign. Thankfully, there are AdWords specialists who can manage the entire project on your behalf, harnessing latest techniques that ensure outstanding results. Hiring a PPC AdWords specialist Google certified may not only help save time but also allows you to focus on core business while your marketing goals are in good hands. Find out why it is a smart move to hire an AdWords specialist for your business:

Making Keyword Research a Breeze

For successful Google AdWords PPC advertising , effective keyword research is of utmost importance. This is because wrong keywords may not only result into poor returns but can also increase your CPC remarkably. Google AdWords experts like us have the skill to perform in-depth keyword research, discovering and optimising keywords that can boost your ad rankings and lower your bidding costs.

Boost Conversion with Engaging Ad Copies

In the age of information overload, only a unique and engaging ad copy stands chance to win the hearts of your target audience. We are an AdWord specialist having vast experience creating an exceptional ad copy that engages your audience meaningfully and boosts your click-through rate. We will also split test multiple creatives and track their performance to determine the right ad copy that has high conversion potential.

Awesome Landing Pages are the Secret to PPC Success

So you have managed to drive increased traffic to your website through targeted AdWords campaigns. What if this web traffic does not convert? Well, a lot depends on the quality of your landing page. If that isn’t bang on, prospects are likely to bounce back from your website only increasing your Cost Per Impression. An AdWords expert knows what it takes to build a great landing page, improving your conversion rate significantly.

Industry Knowledge that Counts

Hiring a Google AdWords certified company means you can leverage their unmatched knowledge and expertise. We have been in the industry for decades and continuously upgrade our skills to keep pace with the latest trends. This enables us to use our knowledge and deliver measurable results for your AdWords PPC campaign.

Save Your Valuable Time with an Expert

For any business, time is money. And amid all your critical business operations, do you have the time to focus on your AdWords campaign? Therefore, it is a viable option to hire an AdWords professional who leave no stone unturned to build a result-driven campaign and improve your returns.

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Certified Google AdWords Specialist Services

End-to-end AdWords PPC Solutions that Help Build Brand Recognition, Attract Targeted Website Traffic and Increase CTR

We are an AdWords specialist, offering a comprehensive range of services that help achieve your marketing goals and improve your bottomline.

Google Search Advertising

Do you know there is an average 1.7 billion people using Google Search globally? Advertising on this powerful platform can help drive targeted traffic, quality leads and more sales. We will design one-of-a-kind PPC campaigns with most relevant keywords, compelling ad creative and great landing pages that give you #1 position on Google search engine. And top three ad rankings on Google drives around 41% of click-through rate.

Video Advertising

We can create outstanding video ads using Google AdWords and broadcast them on partner websites such as YouTube to maximise your brand awareness and capture instant attention of your audience. This will help attract more traffic to your website and boost sales.

Display Advertising

Hire dedicated PPC AdWords specialist Google certified and broaden your reach through effective display advertising. We will not only create engaging ad copies but also position them on Google Display and other partner websites to increase visibility and attract more clicks. This will help drive quality leads based on your targeting techniques, demographics, location, landing pages and ads.


Follow up and re-engage with your past web visitors with results-driven remarketing PPC campaigns that are hyper-targeted and relevant. Our remarketing strategies are directed only to your targeted audience, reaching the right people on the right platform and at the right time when they are searching for products or services related to yours. This increases likelihood of the ad being clicked, ensuring more conversions.

Google Shopping Ads

For eCommerce businesses, Product Listing Ads (PLA) or shopping ads hold immense importance in getting more clicks and better conversions. Your ads will be displayed with product image, description, price, etc. on Google Shopping platforms, increasing visibility and click-through rate.

Retargeting & Remarketing: Build Loyalty

This is one of the most important PPC services India they we offer. Our result-driven Remarketing service is a smart way to target your lost customers and get them back on board. When you dedicatedly retarget your old customers through PPC advertising, they will feel important. This helps create a strong impression and brand loyalty.

Video Advertising: Create Brand Awareness

It is said that a video has more power to attract & connect than any other medium. When it is about creating the buzz about your brand or driving user engagement, video advertisements work in an excellent way. Our experts create the most stunning video ads and intelligently position them to target any segment you wish. It is a great way to grab user attention and increase click-through rate with better conversions.

PPC Audits: Get Your PPC Ad Campaign Right

Do you already have an AdWords advertisement running for the past few months? Not getting results as expected? Let our seasoned consultants have an audit of your PPC campaign for free. They will go through your campaign structure, optimise and simplify it to deliver outstanding results with a data-driven approach. They will also suggest ways to minimise spending on PPC advertising, while getting desired results.

PPC Services

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Our Secret for Your Google AdWords PPC Success

As a leading certified Google AdWords specialist, we follow proven methodologies and industry best practices to drive the most relevant customers for your business

Following a comprehensive and conversion-driven PPC approach, we ensure desired results to our clients with exceptional Return on Investment.
  • 1. Measuring your Pay-Per-Click goals and defining a strategy
  • 2. Google AdWords account setup
  • 3. Keyword research, analysis and optimisation
  • 4. Landing page audit and optimisation
  • 5. Creating a compelling advert copy
  • 6. A/B testing landing pages and ad creatives
  • 7. Campaign structuring
  • 8. Effective bid management
  • 9. Campaign performance tracking, optimisation and reporting

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