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As an attorney, what would be your goal? To build a strong brand image, get more clients and increase your caseload, right? Now ask yourself – do your potential customers know about you at all? Do you appear at the top of search engine result pages when people search online for lawyers in your location? If no, you are missing out on a major share of the market to your competitors who have invested in an effective digital marketing strategy.

Attorney PPC ads are a powerful marketing tool that can help capture instant traffic and generating more leads. Being in the highly competitive legal domain, all you want is to cut through the clutter and make a strong brand presence to get more leads. In this scenario, organic traffic may not be enough to help your firm achieve increased caseload. Only dedicated attorney PPC advertising can get you instant results.

Why Should You Consider PPC Advertising for Lawyers?

The most important reason why you need PPC advertising for law firms is because it can deliver targeted inbound leads with the lowest conversion cost. However, that isn’t the only reason why you should consider attorney PPC management. We are a top attorney PPC agency that devises effective pay-per-click advertising campaigns to let you leverage this powerful digital marketing tool for your law firm.

Lawyers PPC Advertising
Get Noticed

Whether you are involved in one-man law practice or run a reputable firm, smart PPC advertising can give you a visibility boost by ranking your ad at the top of search engine result pages. When consumers will search for lawyers in any area, your ad will pop up at the top when appropriate keywords, location targeting, ad positioning and bid management practices are implemented. Topmost visibility of your brand will instantly capture audience’s attention and invoke them to click.

Drive More Clients

Do you know that on average 33% of consumers search for legal help online? So if you are not promoting yourself using lawyer PPC management campaigns, you are missing out on one-third of your prospective clients. Pay-per-click advertising puts your practice or law firm above all organic search results. This gives you an edge because 64% of searchers prefer clicking on sponsored ads than organic results. Thus, you will have more clicks, generating more traffic and quality leads.


Law firm PPC services help generate instant results. Once the most profitable Cost per Client acquisition is achieved, the lawyer PPC agency can seamlessly scale the bids depending on your ad budget and growth in number of leads the PPC campaign is generating. It also provides the flexibility to scale up or down the campaign based on your business growth.


Another advantage of PPC law services is the ability to keep track of how much conversions are generating from the ad campaign and money you are making against your overall ad spending. This is one matter that intrigues most lawyers because they are keen about getting the best returns on their investments. AdWords PPC management for attorneys provides quick and measurable results that can help make strategic decisions.

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Interested to Outsource PPC Advertising for Lawyers?

Professional & ROI-driven Law Firm PPC Management Services

Outsourcing to the best law firm PPC company can help you leverage the power of pay-per-click advertising to its fullest. We specialise in PPC advertising lawyers Google AdWords for attorneys, providing end-to-end solutions.

Want to know where your law firm stand against the competitors? We will conduct an in-depth research of what your competitors are doing and how law firm PPC advertising is generating business for them. This will help our agency devise an effective strategy to beat competition on search engine result pages, augment your online footprint and drive more leads.

At AdWords PPC Expert, our key focus of lawyer PPC advertising is the ability to reach the right audience at the right time and with the right content to increase your click-through rate and maximise conversions. Therefore, our advanced targeting strategies include geographic locations, keywords, demographics, devices, interests, etc. We dig deep into your target audience to drive the most qualified leads with high conversion potential.

Our offshore law PPC experts will thoroughly track the ad campaign and provide monthly reporting with a dedicated account manager, performance insights and valuable recommendations to fine-tune the marketing strategy. In addition to this, we provide real-time campaign data 24/7 on our custom dashboard.

With the objective to get more PPC advertising lawyers legal leads for attorneys, we create custom, result-driven pay-per-click ads only after thorough keyword research to identify how and what your potential clients are searching for in legal services. Likewise, we will target the most relevant keywords and create a compelling ad that will generate maximum clicks.

This is a vital element of our attorney PPC advertising service – we will create multiple ad copies and landing pages, and split test the same to identify which is working best for your prospective clients. This will help upkeep performance improvements, ensuring you derive the best returns from PPC advertising lawyers legal marketing.

Our role as an attorney PPC agency does not end with creating an ad campaign and making it go love. We also monitor your campaign constantly to ensure it is performing as expected and generating the maximum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This will include tweaking and improving bids for every campaign, and monitoring and optimising keyword performance, click-through rate, cost per click and other elements.

Law Firm PPC

Why We Are the Best Lawyer PPC Agency?

Industry Experience You Can Rely Upon

Our skills in PPC advertising in the legal domain have helped us understand what our clients really expect from us. This enables us to exceed their expectations.

Full Service Lawyer PPC Management

We offer end-to-end law firm PPC services to manage your ad campaign through strategic market analysis, keyword research, ad setup, optimisation, analytics and reporting.

Diverse Skillset

PPC agencies having expertise only in AdWords management can lack the capability to deliver highest ROI for your law practice. We have specialists with diverse skillsets to help create the best advertising plan and generate maximum revenues.

We Work With You

Right from our dedicated account manager to the entire team, we will work collaboratively with you to realise your goals in the most efficient manner.

Greater Flexibility

We value that your law firm might need to reallocate its marketing budget when necessary. Therefore, we do not have any long-term contracts. You have the flexibility to start or end the contract as required.

Affordable Pricing

We stand out in the competition by offering high-quality PPC services at most competitive prices, helping you maximise your ROAS.

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