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On average, only 2% of website traffic converts into quality leads. But do not ignore the other 98% that do not convert. This is a huge segment of target audience who has an interest in your brand but did not turn into leads for reasons whatsoever. Reconnect to them with hyper-targeted email campaigns and adverts via dedicated remarketing services. Adwords PPC Expert is a premier remarketing agency, creating tailor-made ad campaigns that are strategically positioned on high-traffic platforms to remind interested users about your brand.

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It is important for a remarketing campaign to be well optimised and hyper-targeted to reach the most relevant audience at the right time. We are the top remarketing agency that delivers high-performance ad campaigns for display and search marketing, helping yield powerful results.

Generate Leads

Reconnect and recapture visitors who did not convert the first time. We help generate quality leads and increase sales with a targeted strategy that is based on user interests and behaviour.

Campaign Tracking and Monitoring

To help make the most of every penny you spend in remarketing, we will continuously monitor the campaign to improve performance and deliver guaranteed results.

Multi-channel Remarketing

Display ads to the right target audience with the right keywords at the right time and on the right network. We specialise in ecommerce remarketing, Google, Facebook and PPC remarketing services.

Audience Segmentation

We will intelligently profile and segment your prospective customers based on their past purchase behaviour, website visit, level of engagement and other factors.

Building a Dynamic Remarketing Strategy

Our professionals will design customised ads depending on consumer interests and buying patterns of your target audience.

Real-time Bid Management

We are PPC experts, helping you target your prospects globally by positioning the ads in a manner and a time when they are most likely to respond.

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Types of Remarketing Services We Specialise in

We are a leading remarketing agency in India, having vast experience in a wide range of technologies and platforms

Google remarketing is one of the most effective ways to promote brand awareness and remind your prospective customers to make a purchase. Google Search and Display is the most powerful digital marketing platform with exponential reach and paves the way for leveraging lucrative opportunities that Google and its partner websites provide. Google Ads remarketing allows you to position your ads strategically in front of your prospects as they browse Google Search or its partner websites, maximising your visibility and reach.

Videos are an excellent way to attract, engage and entice your audience with information-rich content. And nothing works best than videos when it comes to effective remarketing. We are experts in creating compelling videos and positioning them as pre-roll video advertisements on popular platforms such as YouTube or other Google display partners. The ads are specifically targeted to audiences who have earlier visited your website or engaged with your brand in some form or the other.

Re-engage with your ecommerce website visitors by displaying them advertisements of particular products they have viewed preciously or have in their shopping cart but abandoned it for some reason. With strategic ecommerce remarketing, you can remind them to take an action on their abandoned shopping cart, up sell or cross-sell to existing or potential customers, and compel them to take an action.

Adwords PPC Expert leverages proven social media remarketing tactics on popular platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. The ads are served to prospects who have earlier visited your website while browsing these social media channels or partner websites.

Our PPC remarketing services also include smart URL tagging and CRM integration with your website to help drive more traffic and quality leads with high conversion potential.

URL Tagging & CRM Integration with Website

Our PPC remarketing services also include smart URL tagging and CRM integration with your website to help drive more traffic and quality leads with high conversion potential.

PPC Remarketing

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Stay on Top-of-Mind of Your Customers with Remarketing Services

It is common for online users to visit multiple websites before they make a final purchase decision. Investing in remarketing is a powerful strategy to bring back these potential customers and convert them into leads. Such campaigns provide a unique business opportunity to create highly targeted ads that are positioned only to customers who have shown interest in your brand by visiting your website.

In today’s fast-evolving digital environment, remarketing campaigns can help position your brand in front of prospective customers long after they have visited your website.

We are a leading remarketing services company that can help build a comprehensive strategy that will spark interests of your prospects and push them down the sales funnel. From target segmentation to creating a compelling ad copy & creative, our experts ensure a fully optimised campaign for maximum conversions. We provide a complete range of remarketing services that ensure higher acquisition rate and lower cost-per-click by targeting your ad spend only to users who are likely to convert.


Remarketing is all about reaching and re-engaging with your prospects at the right time and on the right platform. Therefore, we take a strategic approach wherein we analyse when your audiences are most active and on which platform. Similarly, we also adjudge which ad platform experiences peak visit at what time segment of the day. Likewise, we will position your ads to maximise visibility and reach.

Harnessing proven methodologies, split testing and continuous monitoring, we ensure delivering guaranteed results for your ad spend.

Tailored Ads that Resonate with Your Remarketing Strategy

Your ad creative strategy plays an integral role in ensuring remarketing success. We build ads that are relevant to your target audience, delivers similar look & feel as your website, and have a persuasive call-to-action.

Our job as the top remarketing agency does not end with building intelligent remarketing campaigns for our clients. We will constantly monitor how it is performing on different platforms, conduct A/B testing and measure performance against set goals. This helps us identify bottlenecks if any and ensure guaranteed results in the form of more traffic, quality leads and greater ROI.

We provide the perfect combination of high quality PPC remarketing services and great prices that meet your marketing needs and budget.

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