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You are well-acquainted about the importance of strong digital presence in today’s world and may have already seen the benefits of running a Search Engine Optimization campaign. But SEO for all its advantages has many limitations. For one you don’t have direct control over the ranking of your website on the Search Engine Result Pages and secondly it takes time to achieve results. If you are in need of instant success and want more control over your campaign you need to go for paid search marketing or PPC campaign. While there are many platforms that you can use for your PPC campaign there is none better than Google AdWords which lets you bid for space on search engine results and drive highly qualified traffic to your website. Google AdWords advertising has become one of the most productive method to manage your digital marketing campaign. AdWords management helps you stay ahead of competition and develop strong brand identity without waiting for weeks.

Google AdWords Management

Market Leaders in Google AdWords Management

If you are looking to maximize the impact of your AdWords campaign and earn maximum visibility and conversion for every dollar spent you have hits bull’s eye.

At AdWords PPC Expert we are the market leaders for Google AdWords Management running the most stellar campaigns and delivering rich dividends to our clients. We’re not one of those jack-of-all-trade digital marketing companies that you come across but a team of specialists well-versed in the Google AdWords program and all inherent factors that dictate the success of your campaign. From multinational enterprises to small online retailers, from self-employed professionals to large institutions our accomplishments with different campaigns stand testimony to our success as the most bankable partners for your paid search campaigns. Each team member is a Google Certified AdWords Professional with in-depth knowledge in the latest trend in this marketing strategy. We keep our goals high and this has been fuelling our success.

AdWords Process

We are the leading providers of PPC management services because we follow a three-prong approach towards the activity. We follow a strong implementation process, followed by analytical inputs and finally tracking inputs. All these three stages come together to form a comprehensive and undeniably strong approach towards PPC management. Here is the detailed structure of our AdWords Process

Finding Best Keywords

Finding Best Keywords

After the research is complete, our team sets out to find and purchase the best set of keywords on the internet for effective use of the Adwords platform.

Optimizing Existing Landing Pages

Optimizing Existing Landing Pages

We also optimize your existing landing pages to help them drive up the conversion statistics. After all, we don’t want the viewers to just come to your website and check out a few products/services, right?

Purchasing Right Spaces

Purchasing Right Spaces

PPC campaigns are useless if you do not pick the right places for advertisement. We have spent a long time in the industry making healthy connections across the globe.

Defining a Focused Target

Defining a Focused Target

After understanding your requirements, we focus our attention towards defining the ideal candidates for your product/service.

Understanding the End-Customer

Understanding the End-Customer

Once we have understood our customers, we understand yours. The knowledge on your end customer helps us define the campaign ina highly focused manner. This way, we can effectively map their likes.

Performing Market Research

Performing Market Research

Market research is undoubtebly the most important step in PPC campaign management. The market research includes a complete SWOT (Strenghth, Weaknes, Opportunity, Threat) analysis for each idea thrown the table.

Understanding the Client

Understanding the Client

We believe that the content of the online image should effectively reinforce the brand image of every company. We understand all our clients with respect to their requirements.

Creating New Landing Pages

Creating New Landing Pages

We have a dedicated team that can create new landing pages for you too. The combination of these optimized and new landing pages will bring in more business to your comapny.

Launching the PPC Campaign

Launching the PPC Campaign

Once we are done with all the previous steps, we launch the PPC campaign at a strategic time and place.

Gain from Adwords Expert and Bet Big

As a business that cashes in on its digital presence to increase foothold in the market, you are obviously aware of the benefits of paid search marketing or PPC marketing . Small and large businesses have been able to improve their online visibility exponentially following this marketing technique. To benefit from this opportunity you need the services of a professional, one who brings in strong marketing acumen and can offer maximum ROI for your budget. Google AdWords is the biggest PPC advertising platform that allows you to harness on the millions of searches that take place every day on Google’s search engine. A seasoned AdWords consultant will help you reach out to your target audience and create opportunities of sales and create a large base of loyal customers.

Experts to Make Every Opportunity Count

Google search engine with its popularity and search volume is an ocean of opportunity. For customers it is the biggest source of information, a tool for their research and a companion that helps them make the final decision.

At Adwords PPC Expert it is our endeavor to help you make the best out of this opportunity with our AdWords marketing services. With a large team of AdWords certified professionals we have the team to deliver results and offer you maximum visibility and opportunity conversion rate for every single dollar that goes into your campaign. Our AdWords consultants have perfected their skills working on a variety of projects. From running burst campaigns to promote product launches and events to managing a long drawn campaign aimed at establishing a brand we have experience in working on all kinds of projects and this has helped us stay ahead of the fly-by-night agencies that you come across daily.

AdWords certified professionals

Here is the detailed structure of our process for achieving the comprehensive analytical inputs.

The next step of the three-prong approach focuses more on the business aspect of the website. It makes sure that the potential prospects who land on your website finally end up being your customers.

The first step of the second prong in the approach is calculating the effect of the campaign on the viewership. Our campaigns usually show results within hours. Unlike other companies that will ask you to wait for a couple of days or weeks, we start showing you the results of your investment as soon as possible. We like to keep our clients in the loop on the progress of the event. Following a strong and transparent medium of communication is one of the core principles of our AdWords account management process.

We use powerful analytical tools that give us a comprehensive insight into the audience to your website. We use this insight to our benefit in order to curate the campaign in a more well-defined manner. One of the key insights that we derive from these analytical tools is information about the end customers. We see the age group, gender as well as location statistics for the viewers and make sure that we are chasing the right demographic. In case of a deviation we act quickly and correct the course of the trajectory to attract the right audience.

The next step involves studying the effect of particular keywords in your content. Our content development team takes the complete responsibility for the success/failure of the keywords. The team believes in a highly dynamic approach towards problem statements. Therefore, it is more than happy to revise its efforts in a strategic manner to get more viewership.

The tracking technologies are an important part of our tools. We use these to see which pages and keywords are performing better than the others. After this analysis, our content development team works in sync with the results to derive results out of the new ideas. We keep your digital marketing and C-level executive team in the loop to brainstorm on the best ways to reach the customers.

We have a great track record of implementing the keywords with an exceptional amount of accuracy. Usually, the entire first set of keywords that we select for the campaign produces overwhelming results. However, sometimes one or two keywords might not perform up to our expectations. Under such circumstances, the team gets back to work in order to find better keywords for the content.

The AdWords campaign management helps us analyse the trends on your website. We see the pages that are performing better than the rest and the pages that yield negligible results. The backup arsenal of landing pages and keywords comes into play here. We also like to stay prepared to tackle the dynamicity of the customer mindset. Implementation of a new idea does not take several weeks or months with us.

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Performing Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is the sub-part of the market research step. However, it is the most important step in today’s highly competitive environment. Unless you have a monopoly over a particular product/service, you need this analysis to figure out what you can do and what you should avoid in terms of PPC. While performing this analysis we look at the strength as well as weaknesses of your competitors. We replicate the strengths and avoid the weaknesses to get the most suitable results out of the campaign. With our sole focus on delivering results we have built considerable expertise in this domain which allows us to deliver results and also improve your ROI. If your existing PPC campaign hasn’t resulted in expected dividends we shall help in its turnaround with our robust strategies and meticulous execution.

Analytical Inputs

As humans, we learn from our mistakes. We have the ability to constantly improve through the practice of self-criticization. The key to securing a project with some of the biggest companies on the internet is a proven track record. We started small and have reached a space where our customers consider us the best and constantly rely on our services for PPC management. One of the main reasons why they do so is analytical inputs. We constantly measure our success/failure to improvise and perform better.

Campaign Strategy

Where Campaign Strategy Matters

It is important for you to know that mere 35% of businesses realize their goals with their AdWords campaign.

The reasons for it are many and on most occasions it is the incompetence of the agencies and cookie cutter approach to the job that results in failures. We won’t let this happen to your project, thanks to our rewarding work process. The members of our teams undergo regular training which allows us to stay tuned with the latest strategies that are being explored and Google’s ever changing search algorithms. Hiring our resources you will be able to stay ahead of the competition and make the most out of opportunities on the search engines. We just don’t earn you top position on the search engines but also create captivating ad copies that immediately arouse the right kind of emotion and desire in the minds of your audience.

Collaborative and Transparent Approach

You are the rightful owner of your Google AdWords Advertising campaign and we only act as facilitators. This is how we look at every campaign and believe that you should always be in the know of its progress and the strategies that are being employed. This is what separates us from many other agencies as we believe in a collaborative and transparent approach. Your in-house marketing team would constantly be kept informed about all major steps taken in your campaign and their consent and feedback would be constantly sought. This collaborative approach helps us know your changing needs and run a campaign that complements your other online and offline marketing strategies and add to your brand equity.

Here is the detailed structure of the process we follow for conversion tracking.

All these strategies are defined with one goal in mind, that is, increase in customer conversion. We have never failed our customers and delivered on the promise of higher conversion every time. This is the main reason why our customers keep coming back to us to avail more and more services each time.With us, you will get real-time insights on how the company is performing before and after the implementation of the strategy.

We can also help you define a proper sales plan that is in sync with the campaign efforts to get maximum conversions out of the deal. Since we focus on developing a plan that resonates with your online image, your salespeople will face no difficulty in adopting the new plan. We help you customize the plan according to your sales strength and strategy and make sure that your sales guys perform at their peak levels.

We are tech-savvy people, but not at the cost of losing business. We host completely result driven strategies to make sure that you get an exponential ROI with our campaign management efforts. We never breach the confidentiality agreement with the client and ask for only limited information that will help us redefine the campaigning efforts by a major factor. The conversion insights help us calculate the fraction of people who visit your website and the ones who end up buying your product/service. We host one of the highest conversion rates with our revolutionary PPC account management techniques.

If there were three words that defined the success or failure of a business model they would be ‘Return On Investment’. ROI coupled with a sustainable business model is the key to a successful business model. After completion of the previous two steps, we calculate the return on investment for your partnership with us. This calculation will give the exact numbers on how we have positively impacted your business model. This calculation helps us gain insights and modify our approach too. After each calculation, we set a higher bar for ourselves. Over the past couple of years, we have come across customers who have received a benefit of over 10 times their initial investment.

The ROI calculation helps us make sure that your business receives a sustainable and long-time benefit out of our efforts. We never compromise on the quality of our services. Therefore, our team constantly looks for a room of improvement within the model. After these comprehensive calculations, we re-optimize the landing pages on your website, both the existing as well as new ones, to help them boost the conversion statistics further. The re-optimization process is a small gesture that proves that we host a customer-first policy for all our clients.

Conversion tracking

Analytical inputs do the job of analysing the campaign’s viewership and outreach. However, it does not make enough business sense for a professional to invest heavily in. He/she needs to check the conversion of the viewers into customers. If you get millions of viewers but no customers out of the viewership, you are running a failed business model. The conversion tracking approach allows us to compile the business insights with operational insights to make sense of data in financial approach.

Interested in knowing more about our PPC management packages? We would be happy to guide you through a detailed case study to help you understand how we have helped our customers. Give us a call or drop an email to know more today!

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