As one of the top PPC companies in India, our team at Adwords PPC values the importance of ROI in business a lot. We know that without a sustainable ROI, no business can thrive in this competitive market. This is why we always have our customers’ best interests at heart. We use the most efficient result-driven techniques to make sure that your company gets the most out of our PPC efforts.

Increased Conversion Rate

Quicker Traffic Growth, Increased Conversion Rate

If you are looking for quick growth in traffic and improvement in your conversion rate there is no better way than running a paid search marketing campaign.

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing as it is popularly called is a must have in your digital marketing mix if you want to edge past your rivals. It allows you to exercise maximum control over your marketing campaign where you only pay for the ads clicked and can hence decide on your budget. Paid search marketing is immune from the adverse effects of regular algorithmic updates by major search engines. Small and large businesses are equally resorting to this marketing strategy to increase their visibility and conversion rates. To maximize your conversion for the minimum spend on a campaign you need to hire a reputable PPC marketing agency. Yes there are many tools that help with running a campaign but a best PPC Company brings in expertise in the use of these tools and also strong marketing acumen.

What Makes Us Different? From Other PPC Agencies

Rewarding Strategies

The rules and standard practices in the world of digital marketing change at the drop of a hat. What worked a few years back is no longer going to offer you results. This is where we as a PPC marketing agency have constantly invested in training our team to keep them abreast with the latest trends in the market. This allows us to employ the most rewarding strategies and achieve better results.

Dedicated Account Manager

We don’t segregate clients based on the volume of work they offer us. Each client is special and hence we assign a dedicated account manager for each project. The person would always keep you updated on the progress of your project and also communicate your feedback to the team. Your account manager would see to it that any doubts or special requests that you raise during the campaign are resolved within the quickest possible time.

Focus On Larger Picture

The aim of your PPC campaign shouldn’t be restricted to improving conversion and sales. It should rather be a part of your brand building campaign and this is what we focus on while managing your campaign. We take a look at all other digital marketing initiatives taken by you and align the campaign in such a way that it improves brand recognition.

Get Best PPC Assistance from Top PPC Agency

You have heard and read about the potential of Pay Per Click management in offering competitive edge to your digital marketing campaign. PPC or paid search marketing is the most powerful tool in the hands of seasoned digital marketers. It not only maximizes the exposure of your brand along with your products and services but offers you complete control over your campaign. However PPC marketing is no child’s play and requires strong technical knowhow, creative skills and good knowledge about the constantly changing market. And this is where you need to hire a reputable PPC company to run your campaign. In today’s day most clients from around the world prefer to working with PPC Company in India as the country has become the hub of digital marketing services. Top agencies in India cater to clients across spectrum – from startups to billion dollar enterprises.

Advantages of Our User targeted PPC Campaigns

Only the best PPC agencies have the knack for designing focused campaigns for their customers. The amount of money that you spend on your campaign is useless if you do not plan the execution correctly. Let’s take a small example here. Let’s say you have a gaming platform that targets the psyche of teenage boys and girls. You launched a PPC campaign and it went viral. Millions of visitors check out your site every day now. However, none of them buys your game. Where did you go wrong? You check the statistics and find the majority of public on your website belongs to the age group 35-50 years. Now, this is the wrong targeting approach. Your ad was viral, but the content was appealing to the wrong age group. With us, you will never face any such issues. We have created a name for ourselves in the industry by understanding the customers’ requirements and psyche to launch highly focused and targeted PPC campaigns.

The fine blueprint is useless without flawless and timely execution of ideas. After creating the detailed blueprint, we create a game plan or a roadmap for executing the ideas in a flawless manner. Our team comprises of perfectionists who will stop at nothing to make sure that the plan gets executed in a timely fashion. We lay measurable milestones for each point in the journey so that you can see our PPC campaigns truly deliver results in real time. This game plan consists of deadlines, goals as well as worst-case scenario analysis to lay a strong and wholesome foundation for each campaign launched from our HQ.

As one of the top PPC companies, we do not compromise on the projection of results in a timely fashion. We help you assess the reach as well as revenue generated by taking one action over the other. This way, you can make informed decisions about your campaigns and control each aspect of it. The projection scenario helps you analyse both the best and worst-case scenarios of a plan side by side. After this analysis, we encourage you to with a plan that reaps massive returns in the best-case scenario and almost no losses in the worst case one. We play all our PPC campaigns like the game of chess. This allows us to stay 3-steps ahead of the competition in the market.

As one of the top PPC companies, we do not compromise on the projection of results in a timely fashion. We help you assess the reach as well as revenue generated by taking one action over the other. This way, you can make informed decisions about your campaigns and control each aspect of it. The projection scenario helps you analyse both the best and worst-case scenarios of a plan side by side. After this analysis, we encourage you to with a plan that reaps massive returns in the best-case scenario and almost no losses in the worst case one. We play all our PPC campaigns like the game of chess. This allows us to stay 3-steps ahead of the competition in the market.

We conduct a thorough demographic research for all our clients to understand the requirements of their end customers. This research reaps a beautiful synchronization of appealing images and text that is completely focused on the target audience. The research helps our content development and graphic design team curate samples that are extremely appealing to the end customer segment. We also conduct focus group testing and analysis to make sure that our PPC campaigns generate the best results out of the lot. Some of the critical factors/filters that govern our demographic research include ethnicity, age, location, gender, etc. With a mix of over 100 such factors, we have the capacity to describe one of the most focused game plans in the market.

We have maintained our position as the top PPC company in India by giving highly customized solutions to our clients. We strongly believe that each customer is different and needs a unique spark or flavour for the PPC efforts. The entire focus of our campaign is to embed that unique identity of the company into all the PPC efforts. This customized approach needs a deep evaluation of your company’s core principles and ethics. We study the company deeply before designing the full-fledged campaign so that it reflects your company in the best manner possible. We focus on creating a comprehensive and relatable string of PPC campaigns for all our clients instead of a hit and trial approach that works wonders for one time and fails for the rest.

The key to a good PPC campaign is a small dash of promotion. Your end customers do not care about the company until you provide the information, services or products that add value to their lives. We focus on balancing the informative aspect of the PPC campaigns with the promotional aspect. Conventional PPC campaigns are full of promotion without adding ay real value to the customer’s portfolio. Our team knows better. It only hints at a dash of promotion with a sense of mystery to attract the customers back to your homepage or landing page. The dash of promotion helps us uplift the quality of content and keep it in check for further use.

Our content analysts and experts study the most hit trends in the industry. We have advised the team to stay up to date with all the latest gizmos and marketing techniques on the internet today. This is one of the reasons why our customers consider us the best PPC company in the market. We use infographics, GIFs as well as a touch of media and graphical content to attract the end customer to your website. Once they are on your website, your digital marketing team can work its magic to convert the prospect into a regular customer.

We have an extremely focused customer-centric approach for your end customers. Instead of drafting content haphazardly, we do with uncanny precision. Our team can step into the shoes of your customers to assess the likes, dislikes as well as overall taste. After this analysis, we are ready to design one of the best PPC campaigns on the market. Sometimes one PPC campaign is not enough. So, we keep the retargeting and remarketing approach in the mind while drafting a campaign for you. This way, the chances of your conversion can go up high very quickly without affecting the budget significantly.

Targeted PPC Campaigns

Let the eyes searching exactly for the product and services you offer, find you!

There are a number of aspects to a PPC campaign. It is a task of great responsibility to select the most relevant approach to deal with the situation at hand! Our smartly designed campaigns help you take your brand to the audience who are actively searching for facilities and products being offered by you. Let us guide you through how we do it for you!

At Adwords PPC Expert, we have professionals who are well-versed with the know-how of all these strategies. We constantly keep working on your PPC account and come up with improved strategies to enhance the capabilities of your campaign. Unlike other firms, we keep you updated on the insights of your campaign. We believe in delivering immediate results without burning a hole in your pockets. We try to understand your audience in order to get a higher conversion rate. Also, by providing you with an exposure to new markets, we make sure your campaign earns for you notable profit. Join hands with us today without a second thought and take a step further in the direction of achieving all your business goals and objectives!

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

In order to watch your sales potential increasing and an improved Return on Investment, the steps that can be taken include boosting the exposure, creating brand awareness and reaching out to the targeted audience with the help of intelligent and cost-effective display campaigns.

Keywords Research

Paid Search

The skilled team at Adwords PPC Expert enhances the capabilities of your paid search marketing with amazing campaigns. They are determined to do everything that it takes to ensure a high visibility and higher conversion rates. The campaign also focuses on getting you instant traffic.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

The most suitable approach to manage a shopping ad campaign is a retail-centric approach. It does not only ensure that your product gets a wider reach but also, makes sure that you experience several times higher click-through rate, that is, CTR in order to generate more sales in an effective manner.



The adopted remarketing techniques for any PPC campaign have to be progressive enough aid you in spending your ad budget in the most beneficial manner.

Media channels

Media Buy

We take in our hands the responsibility of finding the most profitable media channels for you. An increased viewability helps you draw more targeted traffic and results efficiently in an improved Return on Investment. We ensure this by negotiating contracts.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

No wonder social media platforms have become the most convenient methods for effective marketing of a product or a business. With the proper development and implementation of innovative social media marketing strategies, one can definitely multiply the business reach and revenues through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Employing Cutting Edge Solutions

We don’t work on a fixed formula campaign like many other agencies do as their success stays limited. Right from our initial conversation with your team we shall work towards identifying your key goals from the campaign. This allows us to develop a tailored plan based on your needs. And we make sure these strategies are flexible and can be changed based on emerging opportunities and change of strategy by your competitors. We make use of the latest tools and combine this will our technical expertise and understanding of the market to ensure you always stay ahead of the competition. Here are some of the things that we shall undertake while working on your campaign.

Cost Effective PPC

Beyond Costs and More about Expertise

If the advantages of working with a PPC company in India are listed, cost-advantage would feature at the top of the list. We don’t see ourselves as the flag bearers of cheap digital marketing services but an agency that offers you the best of paid search marketing services with value for money. At AdWords PPC Expert we are among the best PPC companies with a clientele that spreads across five continents. From mom and pop stores to technology driven startups and large enterprises we have been successfully running PPC campaigns across all networks. Whether its search, social or mobile we have got it all covered for you. We have hand-picked a team of professionals who bring in years of experience and a creative approach to the job. Our team doesn’t shy away from accepting challenges and has delivered in the most demanding situations and ensures clients achieve maximum conversions irrespective of their budget.

With Our Effective PPC Campaign take your Business to next level

It is important for every pay per click company to invest in analytical tools and engines for a comprehensive marketing strategy. We analyse each move and strategy before making it so that it reaps the desired results every time. Apart from this, our analytical tools help us identify new prospects and learn from our mistakes to draft more appealing campaigns for your end customers. We use the best premium analytical tools to assess the quality of the campaign and get real-time insights out of it. This way we can update/modify the existing content to make room for the most appealing trends in the industry.

Only a few PPC companies in the market provide outsourced services to their clients. We are one of them. Instead of setting up a different digital marketing department in your organization, you can get in touch with us to outsource these critical functions. The main benefit of outsourcing lies in return on investment. With us, you don’t have to invest a significant amount of money in getting started. You don’t need to train your resources or hire an exceptional individual as a full-time employee. Instead, you can start/stop our services whenever you want, to get the maximum returns out of the deal.

We strongly believe that transparent communication is the key to a successful and sustainable relationship with the client. This is why we have devised a transparent model of communication for all our clients. We never hide any analytical figures from our customers and keep them up to date with the progress of the campaign. We stay in touch with our clients to ask for valuable inputs that can help us customize the campaign according to their needs further. The transparent communication model is embedded into our core philosophy and internal business processes too. All departments at our PPC company constantly interact with each other to come up with the best techniques for the benefit of the client.

Most PPC agencies commit one big mistake. They focus on generating instant results only. These agencies focus on the short-term results instead of the long game. With us, you can focus on the long game and prepare well for the upcoming battles. We help you build a reliable online brand image that helps you increase the customer repeatability statistics. This practice will ensure that your company acquires new customers while still retaining the old ones for years to come. We help you create this image in a very short period with a premium status. This premium status allows you to mark up your services/goods at a high price than the competition without the fear of losing out on any potential business.

Our PPC company in India is extremely focused on performing the latest trend analysis for the market segment that you serve. We understand the core operation of your business to implement techniques that resonate with your end-customers. We have a dedicated team constantly looking at the latest trends and keywords on the internet to change the content according to the shift in the market. The trend analysis service allows you to step a few steps ahead of the competition and cater to the needs of the customers. This service utilizes the experience of our team along with the market research skills to come up with techniques that build your online reputation over time.

Generating PPC ads is pretty simple. The tough game lies in placing the ads in the right place. Our team has the necessary connections in the industry to help you place the ads in the most appealing places. These rightly placed ads will help your business with the necessary boost in viewership as well as increased sales. Our demographic research and competitive analysis help us place the PPC ads in the perfect places. This research is pivotal in determining the rate and scope of business the ads bring to your doorstep.

Usually, PPC ads work very slow. They require at least a few months of time before reaping considerable amount of results. With us, you don’t have to wait that long. In fact, our PPC campaigns have the potential to reap measurable results from day one! We can say this with confidence because we have helped several companies achieve these results at an extremely fast pace. This fact pace allows you to derive the best ROI in the market for the PPC efforts.

Most pay per click agencies conduct a market research and competitive analysis. However, they do so only in a very limited scope. Our team takes the competitive analysis to the next level. We analyse the strengths and weaknesses of all your competitors. When we say all competitors, we include the direct as well as the indirect competition that has the potential to steal business from under your nose.

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch with our team to know more about how we have helped some of the top companies/websites get an excellent ROI with PPC campaigns.

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