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Hiring the best Google AdWords agency for your business is integral for online success. We are a team of certified Google AdWords experts in India, offering end-to-end PPC solutions to small and large scale enterprises. Through a dedicated approach and proven tactics, we guarantee generating quality leads at 20-30% lesser cost than any other PPC agency in the country. Our result-oriented and process-driven PPC services not only ensure increased traffic and sales, but also lower Cost Per Customer acquisition and Cost Per Conversion.Our services are custom-made to fit your unique requirements, offering outstanding results you expect from a leading AdWords certified agency in India.

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Why PPC Advertising is Integral For Your Business?

Check out the top reasons why you should consider hiring the best AdWords PPC agency having vast experience in effective paid search engine advertising.

Immediate PPC Results

Get immediate results

Unlike Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), AdWords PPC does not take time to show quality results. Just activate the campaign and results will start flowing in.

Find your audience

Know your audience

Pay-per-click advertising is a powerful tool to identify prospective clients by triggering interest of the right audience regardless of their location, language or device used.

Generate more conversions

Generate more conversions

Do you know “64.6% of clicks for high commercial-intent keyword are attributed to paid advertisement”? With result-oriented, proven PPC strategies from the most trusted AdWords agency, achieve greater conversions for every penny you invest.

Only pay for results

Only pay for results

One of the best things about PPC advertising is it ensures the best value for your money. Generate the best results for your ad spend and pay only when the ad is clicked.

Campaign Control and Management

Better control & management

PPC ads provide greater control than any other forms of paid advertising. Effective management helps make the campaigns customisable and flexible.

Measurable Results

Measurable Results

PPC advertising results are easier to measure using cutting-edge tools such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics. It provides valuable and detailed insights on clicks, impressions and conversions.

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Get Your Brand in Front of the Right People & at the Right Time with Our Google AdWords PPC Services

AdWords PPC Experts is a leading Google AdWords agency that offers bespoke pay-per-click advertising services, customised to meet your unique business requirements. Our certified PPC experts will first understand your business and its target audience, and then leverage lucrative opportunities to help you get the most from your ad spend. Our key AdWords PPC services include.

Paid Search

With result-focused and intelligent PPC campaigns on search engines, we ensure your advertisement is placed strategically to attract high visibility and draw immediate traffic with greater conversions.

Shopping Ads

Being a highly experienced AdWords agency India, we take a retail-centric PPC approach for efficiently managing your shopping ads . With targeted advertising and right placement, our AdWords PPC campaigns ensure broader reach, higher click-through rate and increased sales.

Social Media PPC Advertising

Social media is the king today. Therefore, we design and implement cutting-edge, proven social strategies that generate exceptional results on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is an effective way of targeting untapped audience on the social media in a successful way.

Mobile Advertising

As mobile usage is growing at a rapid pace, it has become imperative for businesses to be found on mobile search engines. Our mobile PPC advertising campaigns are designed to boost your visibility on mobile search engines, target a larger audience base, and augment brand exposure.

Amazon PPC Advertising

Advertising on one of the world’s biggest online retailers, Amazon, can give your brand a remarkable marketing push. We have vast experience improving visibility and conversion rates on Amazon Product Listing Ads (PLAs), bidding on the highest potential keywords for remarkable results on Amazon search engine result pages.


We adopt progressive and innovative re-marketing techniques that will enable you to direct your ad-spend in the most lucrative manner by targeting and re-engaging prospective customers which have highest potential of conversion.

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Why We are the Best AdWords Certified Agency?

Take your Google Adwords PPC ad campaign to the next level with the top-notch AdWords certified agency in India.

There are many PPC agencies in India but what makes us different is our comprehensive approach, proven tactics and the commitment to deliver guaranteed PPC results with reduced costs.

  • 1. Over a decade of experience in implementing proven PPC strategies with outstanding results
  • 2. Tailored PPC advertising services that fulfil your core business needs and marketing goals
  • 3. We continuously fine-tune the campaigns to maximise ROI and reduce ad spend
  • 4. The best team of certified AdWords PPC experts
  • 5. Competitive AdWords agency pricing
  • 6. No long-term contracts; no hidden AdWords agency fees

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Drive Increased Leads & Conversions with our Key PPC Campaign Optimisation Techniques

We are the best Google AdWords agency in India, taking a strategic and proven PPC optimisation approach that can deliver outstanding results. Our approach is comprehensive and encompasses the following key strategies

Google AdWords Account Creation, Audit & Planning

If you do not have a Google AdWords PPC account, we will create one complying with Google’s terms and conditions. For businesses that already have an account, our experts will audit the same and design effective strategies that can help boost campaign performance, ensuring the greatest value for your ad spend count.

Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

Our AdWords experts will perform competitor analysis and in-depth keyword research to develop a PPC campaign that maximises conversions and improves your ROI remarkably. The campaign targets most-searched, high-potential keywords that are relevant to your business and can help generate more clicks.

Crafting the Ad Copy

We are the top AdWords PPC agency in India that has the expertise to create a unique and engaging ad copy with maximum conversion potential. From simple PPC advertisements to stunning video content, our campaigns encompass eye-catching graphics, engaging brand message and the right keywords.

Bid Optimisation

We are specialists in effective PPC bidding, helping achieve exceptional results through intelligent choice of keywords, smart bid optimisation and continuous performance tracking.

Campaign Management

Throughout the campaign, we will continue fine tuning the strategies and eliminating bottlenecks to help achieve better results with minimal investments.

PPC Campaign Reporting & Analysis

Our role as the best AdWords agency does not end creating and optimising an PPC ad campaign; we will continuously monitor it to measure performance and provide valuable insights for effective decision making.

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