Adwords PPC Expert is a premier Pay-Per-Click management company in India , recognised globally for its vast experience in managing paid search advertising campaigns with high rate of success. Pay-Per-Click advertising, if not done intelligently, may fail to deliver effective results as well as break your bank with exorbitantly high Cost Per Acquisition. Therefore, our PPC packages are tailor-made to fit your business and help it grow by generating higher click-through rate and ROI from your ad spend.

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Why Choose Us?

Being a certified PPC expert , we have successful managed over 250+ clients in the past 15 years. We have a high rate of client satisfaction and they keep coming back to us because they entrust us for high-performance, ROI-driven Pay-per-click campaigns.

Certified Google AdWords Expert

Certified Google AdWords Expert

We are Google AdWords certified partner, working dedicatedly with them to improve your PPC campaigns and help generate the best outcomes ay lowest possible cost. We are also experts in setting up and managing PPC campaigns for Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon Shopping, Display and others.

Proven Methodology that Delivers Results

Proven Methodology that Delivers Results

Our team of professionals have decades of experience in PPC campaigns, leveraging a one-of-a-kind methodology that delivers quality results. Every paid search advertising campaign is implemented following industry best practices and we continuously monitor the same to lower your CPA while achieving significant boost in traffic and conversions.

Custom-made PPC Packages

Custom-made PPC Packages

We do not offer “one size fits all” PPC packages. Depending on your core business requirements and marketing goals, we will help choose the right package and services that deliver optimal results. Our experts will first analyse your website or existing PPC campaign, and deliver tailored solutions.

PPC Experts

Expertise Across Different Industries

Our PPC experts have unmatched expertise in diverse industries such as education, travel, health, B2B & B2C, IT, and other serve-based industries. For a client, this ensures faster and efficient PPC results because we harness the most relevant skills to generate best outcomes for your business.

Affordable PPC Pricing

Affordable Pricing

We focus on results. Therefore, our Google Ads expert pricing is designed in a way that you only pay for the services delivered and not for what we promise. This drives us with the passion to achieve great results for our clients.


No Obligations, No Hidden Charges & No Long-term Contracts

Packages do not come with obligations or long-term contracts. Our pricing policy is clear and transparent, and there are no hidden charges.

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PPC Management Packages Starting @ $150 per Month

At Adwords PPC Expert, we believe that your business should grow at a pace you decide. Offering a wide variety of PPC packages India, we let you scale the growth of your website as it fits best for you. Regardless of the business size and budget, we can provide the most suitable PPC management plan and pricing that helps achieve your core digital marketing goals. Our Google AdWords packages India typically include the following:

Pay Per Click Management
What your PPC package will include depends on the type of campaign suitable for your digital marketing goals.
  • PPC project initial estimate report
  • Network account set up – Google AdWords, Facebook, etc.
  • PPC campaign setup
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Landing page recommendation
  • Text ads & banner ads
  • Geo targeting setup
  • Conversion code set up
  • Text ads & banner ads
  • Competitor analysis
  • Campaign management
  • Optimising keywords, ad copy and keyword bid
  • CTR analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Reporting & support
  • Support chat & email
  • Dedicated account manager

Google AdWords Packages – What to Expect

Our affordable PPC packages may include the following key steps

  • Comprehensive analysis of your website or landing page to maximise conversions.
  • In-depth keyword research & categorisation based on phrase match, broad, exact keywords.
  • PPC campaign structuring and improving keywords & adgroups to generate a high quality score.
  • Creating innovative and compelling ad copy uniquely targeted for every adgroup to achieve higher click-through rate.
  • Implementing strategic and targeted Display & Search Pay-Per-Click campaigns.
  • Leveraging proven tactics like Ad Extensions, site links, etc.
  • Filtering negative keywords and search queries.
  • Effective bid management on daily basis.
  • Creating regular performance report.
PPC Outsourcing services

Affordable PPC Packages For Your Business

Our PPC campaign pricing scheme is simple and straightforward. We guarantee remarkable service excellence by working on month-to-month basis, ensuring no closed contracts and no cancellation fees. Our Google AdWords management packages are the most competitive because we leverage our proven framework and methodology to deliver outstanding results at minimalist cost to the client.

PPC Starter Package

PPC Starter Package

The meticulously-designed package includes every element you require to get started with Pay-Per-Click advertising – account set up, keyword research, campaign structure and optimisation, ad creation, bid management, performance tracking & reporting.

PPC Professional Package

PPC Professional Package

It is suitable for small-and-medium businesses who want to drive more website traffic and increase ROI through dedicated PPC campaigns. We will manage your PPC campaign, boost conversions and minimise your CPA as much as possible.

PPC Plus Package

PPC Plus Package

The PPC package includes every element of the Professional Package plus more networks. To ensure maximum exposure and better returns, we will harness the power of multiple platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing, Shopping Campaigns, Display, etc.

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How Our Affordable PPC Packages Can Help Boost Your Campaign

Complete PPC Campaign Management
Complete PPC Campaign Management

AdWords PPC Expert implements proven tactics and latest methodologies to drive fast and qualified website traffic for targeted keywords. Our team of certified PPC experts offer comprehensive PPC management solutions at cost-effective AdWords pricing India, right from website or landing page analysis to keyword research, campaign setup, bid management, performance tracking and reporting. We also conduct intelligent PPC ad placement and distribution analysis to ensure maximum visibility and higher click-through rate. The PPC management service includes achieving top placements on Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines with targeted keywords and smart bid management.

Intelligence-Powered PPC Campaign

ROI-based Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns require extensive research & setup, tracking and analysis. Our Google ad packages focus on setting up paid search advertising campaigns for display, search and social media, and strive to deliver exceptional results within specific monthly budget. We ensure the most competitive Google Ads expert pricing for dedicated services and effective campaign management, ensuring better conversions and higher ROI. The fees we charge is nothing in comparison to skills that work behind the success of your PPC campaign.

Effectively Improve Your ROI

Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns managed by us are the fastest, smartest and simplest way to achieve immediate and great results in terms of better visibility, higher click-through rate, quality leads, increased sales and more ROI.

Rank High, Boost Visibility & Engage with the Right Audience to Achieve Remarkable PPC Results with our PPC Packages India

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