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This is an Australian firm that provides financial solutions to the ones in need.


The list of challenges like any other poorly managed campaign included almost no conversions, extremely high cost per conversion and a very low rate of conversion. Another major challenge was to look into the matter of ads being positioned very badly.

Challenge Statement

A. Low number of conversions

B. High cost per conversion

C. Low Conversion Rate

PPC Case Study


48% Complete
increase in number of conversions 48%
147% Complete (success)
increase in total conversion value 147%
44% Complete (info)
increase in conversion ratee 44%
20% Complete (info)
decrease in cost per conversion 20%
Positive Solutions Finance

OWe took all the necessary actions that were required for getting better insights. Eventually, over a period of time, we managed to get improved results for the company. Where the number of conversions, total conversion value and conversion rate increased by 48 per cent, 147 per cent and 44 per cent respectively, cost per conversion decreased by 20 per cent.

Compression Of Our Work in Conversions

Below you can see the progress in conversions on monthly basis.

PPC Case Study Positive solutions finance

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