Cowhides Direct Case Study

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A company that has been offering worldwide delivery of cow hide rugs since last 25 years.


The company when first got in touch with us the number of conversions was very low and the cost per conversion was way too high. Not only was the number of conversions low, but they were very inconsistent as well. Another major drawback was the low average ad position. Clearly, the company was not getting a good return on investment.

Challenge Statement

A. Low number of conversions

B. High cost per conversion

C. Low Conversion Rate

PPC Case Study Cowhides direct


86% Complete
increase in Conversions 86%
44% Complete (success)
decrease in Cost per conversion 44%
874% Complete (info)
increase in return on investment 874%
PPC Case Study Cowhides direct

We started off by refining remarketing lists with Google Analytics. Further, we used auction insights to maximize the company’s reach. Our strategies showed visible results in no time. Going by the statistics, the conversions increased by a massive 86%, the cost per conversion decreased by 44%, the average ad positions consistently remained 1-2, and the return on investment increased by a major 874%.

Compression Of Our Work in Conversions

Below you can see the progress in conversions on monthly basis.

PPC Case Study Cowhides Direct

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