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Cowhides Direct Case Study

Our client has a Shopify store to sells unique designed footwear products Like:

  • Boots
  • High Tops
  • Low Tops
  • Comfy Boots
  • Classic Boots

Cowhides Direct Case Study

When the client reached out to us, his Google ads account wasn't performing at all. The account spend was not increasing with sales every day on ads, conversions were quite low

Upon taking over the account, we dig deeper into the data and split it into meaningful campaigns that targeted specific demographics. Since the products are mainly targeted toward Boot’s lovers, we created ad campaigns in different ad formats and run them on different channels. ...Creating more campaigns as per categories to advertise each product type with separate budgets. Along with hyper-targeted campaigns, we run robust remarketing campaigns to drive more conversions. As a result, ad engagement began increasing, which lowered the cost-per-click for the client’s ads.

Cowhides Direct Case Study


  • +91.90% Increase in Sales
  • 780.4% Increase in ROI

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