Case Study-The Dog Line

Ecommerce (AdWords) PPC Case Study The Dog Line


The Dog Line is an Australia-based pet care firm that offers a wide variety of dog collars and dog supplies for sale online.


The objective of The Dog Line behind spending AUD 10,000 per month on PPC ads was to drive website traffic and increase sales online. However, the results were extremely poor and taking it up from there was a huge challenge for us. The volume of conversion was poor and their CPA was high. Furthermore, they were unable to generate value from their conversions.

Challenge Statement

A. Poor sales volume

B. Low number of conversions and conversion rate

C. High CPA

D. Poor conversion value

Case Study The Dog Line


71% Complete
boost in total number of conversions 71%
26% Complete (success)
decrease in CPA 26%
47% Complete (success)
Significant increase in conversion value and sales 47%

To address the challenges and achieve greater results, we took the following strategies:

i) Poor CTR-generating ads were replaced with the more relevant and optimized ones to drive increased traffic

ii) A/B testing the ad creatives on different devices to ensure better utilization of ad spending

iii) Testing different versions of landing pages to stay relevant and increase sales

iv) Better audience targeting to eliminate irrelevant traffic and drive more sales

The Dog Line Case Study

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