Google AdWords PPC Case Study

Google AdWords PPC Case Study RingOffice


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The challenges working on this project were significant. The volume of clicks was low, while the click-through-rate was also declining. The number of conversions generated from the ad campaigns was poor, and both the CPA and CPC were significantly higher.

Challenge Statement

A. Low volume of click and click-through rate

B. Poor number of conversions

C. High CPA and CPC

PPC Case Study RingOffice


72.12% Complete
growth in volume of clicks 72.12%
51.14% Complete (success)
increase in CTR 51.14%
43.22% Complete (info)
decline in CPC 43.22%
81.22% Complete (info)
decrease in CPA 81.22%
414.34% Complete (info)
increase in number of conversions 414.34%

To deliver improved results to our valued client, we took different approaches such as:

i) Non-performing and low CTR-generating ad campaigns were replaced with new and well-optimized copies

ii) We added negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant search traffic

iii) Proper bid adjustments were done to minimize overspending

iv) Mobile bids and location bid adjustments were done

v) Sitelinks and Callout Extension were added to enhance quality score of Google AdWords PPC campaigns

vi) Irrelevant and inappropriate landing pages were eliminated from the remarketing campaign

PPC Case Study RingOffice

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