From $185K to 🚀 $394K, Doubled The ROI in 3 Months

Intro - Bathroom Factory Warehouse is an Australian firm that provides Bathroom products in Australia Wide. The client came to us at the beginning of April, as he wanted to scale his revenue but he couldn't find a way to increase sales. We've assessed the issue and presented our solution, which included the following elements: - Introducing automated marketing - Adding coupons - Offering extra services - Removing outdated offers. The client was impressed by our recommendations and he gave us 3 months to show the results.

Cowhides Direct Case Study

How Did we start:-

  • We started analyzing their existing campaign to look for minute details and errors, and of the things and we noticed that we are looking at 60-70% impression share on auction insight which needs to be improved.
  • ...
  • We also started to research some of our top competitors and find some of the keywords where we were not bidding and our competitors do. Calculating our ROI for each keyword, then allocating a larger budget before looking at which keyword would have the most conversion rate from that ad group, and from there we could then track down other areas in content that could be improved on.
  • Along with this, we also noticed that the website also had issues with speed, images CTA buttons & contact forms. After full analysis we got the website optimized.
  • A marketing plan for the Omni Channel is something they weren't doing in the past, which could have potentially left our brand awareness levels non-existent.
  • Cowhides Direct Case Study

    How we went:-

    - Created a marketing strategy and split the campaigns into meaningful campaigns that targeted specific demographics and specific states, which helped to raise our search impression share and our sales were automatically taken care of at the same time. Our Omni channel marketing strategy helped us create brand awareness in the market, which has improved our brand searches on Google.

    Cowhides Direct Case Study


    • 👉ROI improved by +25.19%
    • 👉Revenue increased by +112.68%
    • 👉CPA Reduced By -31.02%

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