Bing Ads Case Study

Bing Ads Case Study Cowhides Direct


Cowhides Direct is one of the leading suppliers of premium-quality cowhide with unbeatable quality and certification of authenticity. They have over 21 unique styles to choose from, with the assurance that you get what you see.


TDespite offering high quality cowhides and dedicated services, the e-commerce store failed to garner high traffic as expected. Additionally, we found a high percentage of website visitors abandoning the site without making final purchase. Therefore, the number of conversions was poor, resulting to high CPC. Their monthly spend on Bing Ads was U.S. $500, but the results aren’t satisfying.

Challenge Statement

A. Poor total conversions

B. High CPC (Cost per Conversion)

Cowhides Direct Case Study


118% Complete
increase in total number of conversions 118%
50% Complete (success)
decrease in cost per conversion 50%

To ensure better results to our client, we took a holistic approach to manage their Bing Ads campaign. We started with reviewing the campaign and identifying the bottlenecks. From keyword research and optimization to ad redesigning, bid management and constant monitoring, we ensured the results are significant for Cowhides Direct.

Bing Ads Case Study

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