273% Increase in Leads from FB Ads Only

A2Z Weddings provides brides and grooms first-class Wedding Photography services in Sydney as well as, Cinematography for their special day. The client hired us to scale his campaigns & improve the leads.

Cowhides Direct Case Study


  • Increase brand recognition
  • Drive more qualified leads
  • Increase conversions on bottom-funnel
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Increase ROI

Cowhides Direct Case Study


To improve brand recognition, we run discovery ads across GDN, Gmail, and Youtube. As a result, we saw a substantial brand lift. During our initial analysis, we learned that majority of the engagement was coming from the female audience (age group 25-34). It was crucial to segment those female audiences who are dropping off without taking any further action. ...Once we had done with segmentation, we launched hyper-targeted campaigns for each of their services. We had implemented a session recording tool to see how visitors were navigating on the site so that we can fix those roadblocks. The next thing was to leverage a similar audience. Based on our learning, we launched a similar audience campaign with the ad copies that performed really well in our last campaign. Once we had enough audience captured, we launched a robust re-marketing campaign to attain incremental leads at a lower CPL.

Cowhides Direct Case Study


  • 50.5% Increase in CTR

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