As a digital marketer you often have to face impatient clients. They want to see fast results, benefit from immediate conversions and add to their profits almost instantly. This is no aberration as the fast growing influence of digital marketing has created irresistible possibilities and also tall expectations to a certain extent! Your Search Engine Optimization services aren’t going to suffice those expectations as in spite of the fact that SEO offers steady organic growth it also does take to show results. It is here that PPC or paid search marketing is the path to success. If you don’t have PPC services under your portfolio or lack the experience and resources to manage large campaigns, Private Label PPC is the way out of this challenge. Here you will be able to retain your clients and at the same time deliver on their big expectations without having to manage their campaign. White label PPC service providers do the work for you as you keep your clients in good humor.

Offering The Best Of White Label PPC Solutions

At AdWords PPC expert we are a team of dedicated paid search marketers partnering with digital agencies from around the world. Being one of the fastest growing PPC white label service providers we offering fully managed PPC solutions to partner agencies. From assisting you with client acquisition to fully managing their campaign we help you focus on marketing your services as we take care of all the research, management and reporting involved in the campaign. Our team comprises of seasoned PPC consultants who are sincere to your clients’ expectations and build a tailored campaign from ground up to address their business problems and harness the available opportunities. We are a proactive team and shall work to resolve all the pertinent issues related to the campaign and help you generate repeat business.

What We Offer?

Proficiently Managed Campaigns

Paid search is a constantly evolving digital marketing technique where success rests on knowing the trends of the market and running campaigns that are tailored to meet the niche needs of the clients. We have a large team of PPC experts and this allows us to manage your clients’ PPC campaigns efficiently. Campaigns are handled by certified experts who bring in a proven track record. Our team constantly undergoes training ensuring that we are updated on the latest marketing techniques and employ rewarding strategies that deliver results for your clients.

Measurable ROI

There is only one way to judge the success of a campaign and it should meet the intended goals of your clients. Whether your clients are looking to increase the sales of their products, adding to their newsletter subscriptions or want to generate more sales calls we shall not only help them in achieving these milestones but also show them the growth in figures. All our PPC white label campaigns are constantly tested, optimize and monitored which translates to success.

Complete White Label PPC

There are two things that are extremely important in White Label services – cost effectiveness and secrecy. Your client need not know about our existence and we shall ensure that completely. We never come into the picture and ensure that all communications and reporting with the clients is coordinated through your in-house team. A Key Account Manager would be assigned to your project who shall act as the go between with regards to your team and our PPC experts. Our prices are competitive and we allow you to generate sizable profits from this partnership.

Managing Your Services From Background

As the chosen Private Label PPC we have developed the most productive process of managing your projects from the background. With us you will not only benefit from the most competitive pricing but also get to work with a team of certified experts who are passionate in taking up new challenges and delivering results to your clients. We understand that your work orders aren’t constant and hence offer you flexible hiring solutions where you can scale up or down your team size based on your exact needs. Our experience in working with small and large agencies from around the world has resulted in productive work process that benefits both the parties.

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White Label PPC is your ticket to success. Let us build a productive partnership.