Do you wish to add PPC Services under your portfolio? Are you resources stretched thin and you have to turn down new projects? The rising popularity of paid search marketing has put many digital agencies under stress. Those that don’t have these services are trying hard to stay relevant and agencies with PPC services are struggling to meet the needs of their clients with their in-house team. If any of these scenarios is reflection of your own problem you need to get in touch with a Pay Per Click reseller. Reselling has become the backbone of global PPC business and here you get the job done by specialists and make a good share of profit in between. It is the most profitable and productive business model as it allows you to override the nitty-gritties of staffing and training people. You are free to scale up and down your requirements based on your needs and increase your profits without having to take any major risks.

Delivering Results, Fostering Growth

At AdWords PPC Expert convenience is the core incentive of our Pay Per Click reseller program. As an PPC agency that has considerable experience in the paid search marketing business we have created and refined a program that is convenient for our clients and assures them maximum profits and brand equity. As your responsible partner we shall work with you from background, assisting you in every phase of a project right from your initial conversation with the clients to sending you White Labeled progress report to be shared with your clients. Based out of India we are a fast growing pay per click reseller catering to small are large agencies around the world. From web design studios to digital marketing agencies we have built an industrious relationship with clients by delivering results and fostering their growth. We help you with your growth and this powers our own growth.

Letting You Focus on Your Clients

The sole idea behind our pay per click reseller program is to let you completely focus on your clients as we do all the real work that goes into the campaign. We have focused on developing a productive engagement model where you and your team members don’t need to get actively involved in the technicalities of the project (we don’t mind if you do) and focus solely on generating fresh leads and acquiring new projects. As an Indian agency we have priced our services competitively which ensures you maximum profits and at the same time also allows you to be aggressive with your pricing plans that helps attract more clients to your fold. You make more profits and we get regular flow of work without having to market our services making it a win-win engagement.

How The Pay Per Click Reseller Works?

Under our Pay Per Click reseller program we shall assign a dedicated key account manager who will be responsible for all your projects. The key account manager would be assisted by a team of PPC experts who collaborate with your team members. Right from answering your clients’ queries to sending them a detailed proposal of the intended campaign our team members shall work as an extension of your team. As your trusted Pay Per Click reseller partner we don’t bind you in any rigid hiring plan and offer a flexible model. Based on the flow of work and demand at your end you can easily scale up and down the requirement of resources that offers you maximum financial benefits and also allows you to promise quick turnaround time and timely delivery to your clients. In a typical project we shall help you with

  • Sending Proposals for Client
  • Competition and Market Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Bid Management
  • Creating and Testing Landing Pages
  • Creating Inspiring Ad Copies
  • Execution of Campaign
  • Monitoring Success and Measuring KPIs
  • Sending While Label/Branded Reports

We can work under your name and logo and directly interact with the client if you want us to do that. As a professional PPC company we understand our roles and responsibilities in the reseller business and our team wouldn’t be involved in any act that hurts your reputation or your business.

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