Is your Amazon store not yielding expected sales? Are you tried seeing your competitors earn more eyeballs? In the world of ecommerce good products and great prices don’t ensure success, it has to be backed by strong marketing campaign. And on a platform as large and competitive as Amazon you need a strong campaign strategy to put your products in front of your customers and maximize your sales and profits. There is no better way to do this than invest on an Amazon PPC campaign which has benefitted top retailers on Amazon. While it is competitive, Amazon PPC management is also extremely rewarding and can turn your lackluster store into a big success story. With Amazon PPC Optimization you will be able to push your products on the top of Amazon search results and create more opportunities for sale.

Setting It, Tracking It and Delivering Always

What are the two most important stages in your Amazon PPC Management? A rewarding campaign has to be set up and tracked continuously for results. While most agencies get it right with the first stage, half-hearted efforts with the latter deny the kind of success you expect. At AdWords PPC Expert we focus on tracking your campaign, measuring it against the set goals and taking corrective measures if the initial strategies don’t deliver intended results. This has made us the chosen partners for sellers across product categories. Our Amazon PPC consultant are driven by passion and work on your campaign with the aim to deliver accelerated ROI and provide you monthly KPIs. From keyword audit of your store to researching on the latest search patterns on the platform, your project would be backed by a strong process that puts you ahead of competition.

What Hire Us For Amazon PPC Management?

Identify Target Audience

The biggest contributor to failure on Amazon is the inability or reluctance to identify target audience. While theoretically every Amazon user is your potential customer practically you only cater to a small fraction of that user base. We carry out meticulous research to identify your target audience which often need to be segmented if you have a large catalogue of products. Once identified we track their activities on the platform as this allows us to optimize your campaign to turn audience into customers.

Keywords and Campaign

There are two things that decide the success of a PPC campaign on Amazon – choice of the right keywords and weaving a campaign around those keywords. Using state-of-the-art tools we find the most potent keywords that can help you rank higher and attract customers to your landing page. These basic keywords are used to identify long tail keywords that improve your odds. After preparing the list of keywords for the ad group we make your bids and run campaigns that rewards in quick time.

React Before Competition

One of the biggest contributors to successful Amazon PPC Optimization the ability to spot the emerging trends and react to them quickly before your competition does. And you will be surprized at the pace at which the trends change with millions of products being listed on the platform each day. Not tracking these trends can spell doom for your store. This is what we are good at and help you maximize on every new opportunity that emerges on the platform. Using the latest analytic tools our team looks for opportunities, filters the best among them and aligns your campaign strategy with these opportunities.

Making Your Dollars Count

If you have wasted lots of dollars running campaign that hasn’t delivered on your set goals, it all ends here. As Amazon PPC advertising firm we shall thoroughly audit your Amazon sponsored ad campaigns and make the necessary changes to earn success. We have always focused on lowering Advertising Cost of Sales (AcoS) for our clients and let you use your advertising budget more efficiently and create your niche space in the competitive marketplace. Amazon PPC is constantly evolving and this is where our experts are constantly upgrading their skills with an eye on the emerging trends in the market.

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