You have heard and read about the potential of Pay Per Click management in offering competitive edge to your digital marketing campaign. PPC or paid search marketing is the most powerful tool in the hands of seasoned digital marketers. It not only maximizes the exposure of your brand along with your products and services but offers you complete control over your campaign. However PPC marketing is no child’s play and requires strong technical knowhow, creative skills and good knowledge about the constantly changing market. And this is where you need to hire a reputable PPC company to run your campaign. In today’s day most clients from around the world prefer to working with PPC Company in India as the country has become the hub of digital marketing services. Top agencies in India cater to clients across spectrum – from startups to billion dollar enterprises.

Beyond Costs and More about Expertise

If the advantages of working with a PPC company in India are listed, cost-advantage would feature at the top of the list. We don’t see ourselves as the flag bearers of cheap digital marketing services but an agency that offers you the best of paid search marketing services with value for money. At AdWords PPC Expert we are among the best PPC companies with a clientele that spreads across five continents. From mom and pop stores to technology driven startups and large enterprises we have been successfully running PPC campaigns across all networks. Whether its search, social or mobile we have got it all covered for you. We have hand-picked a team of professionals who bring in years of experience and a creative approach to the job. Our team doesn’t shy away from accepting challenges and has delivered in the most demanding situations and ensures clients achieve maximum conversions irrespective of their budget.

Benefits We Bring

This is one question we are often asked by our client? Yes there are dozens of ways in which you can promote your business, products or services digitally but paid search marketing offers you many incentives and these include

  • Improves visibility and creates opportunities immediately
  • Drives in highly qualified traffic and improves conversion rate
  • Helps harness immediate opportunities in the market
  • You have control over the campaign through keywords and key phrases
  • Works perfectly with other digital marketing strategies

Benefits We Bring

Research Driven Methodology

Most agencies are focussed on implementing your ad campaign often ignoring one of the most vital elements of setting up a campaign – RESEARCH. We believe in dedicating as much time to research as we do while running your campaign. This allows us to unearth the best keywords and ad groups, review and optimize your landing pages, understand the strategies being implemented by your competitors and also gain insight into market dynamics that dictate the success of your campaign. We come up with strategies that keep you a step ahead of your rivals.

Tailored Strategies

One of the reasons behind our positioning as the best PPC Company in India is the fact that we haven’t ever repeated the same strategy in two different projects. Cookie cutter approach doesn’t work in paid search marketing as your products/services, positioning, competition and business goals are different. Our team members would take each of these into account while creating a unique campaign strategy that allows maximum visibility, cost-effectiveness in terms of your bids and create the most conducive environment for conversion. This delivers results you expect and also adds to your brand equity.

Captivating Ad Copies

The role of copyrighting and creative ads is often understated in the world of PPC. Finding the most potent keywords and bidding for them is only half the job done. Your ads need to have the most inspiring graphics, captivating text and high Call to Action for them to deliver amidst competition. Our creative team would come up with ads that immediately grab your user’s attention and improve the CTR (Click Through Rate). Each ad goes through multiple stages of testing to ensure they are in line with your digital goals and adhere to the best practices in the industry.

Creating The Most Exciting Campaigns

We aren’t just another PPC company but one that has extensive experience in creating the most exciting campaigns for business across industries and several institutions. We follow the best practices in the industry and keep you updated on the progress of your campaign periodically sending reports with KPIs that allows you to measure the results against hard data. As an agency we have always emphasized in building the most productive partnership with our clients and helping them grow which also drives our own growth.

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