All your clients want to be active on Facebook, they want to engage with their target audience, make them a part of their viral campaign strategy and add brand equity. And not having Facebook marketing services under your offerings in today’s world may dent your prospects as a digital agency. But smaller agencies often face issues with hiring dedicated Facebook marketers due to constrain of infrastructure and working capital. Now you can offer these services to your clients without having to go through this process. Welcome to the world of White Label Facebook Marketing where you get the work done by specialists and also make a decent cut in the process. If you are already offering Facebook Advertising services working with a White Label partner allows you expand your client base without having to invest more on resources.

Getting The Likes and Shares

At AdWords PPC Expert we are one of the leading agencies dealing with White Label Facebook ads catering to small and large agencies all over the world. With a team of seasoned Facebook marketers and continual investment in training and research we have been able to create the most industrious working model that offers immense benefits to our clients. Right from helping you send the initial proposal to the client though the entire marketing campaign and sending over White label Facebook advertising reports we help you in every stage of the process.

What Benefits We Offer?

Seasoned Facebook Marketers

At AdWords PPC Expert we have hand-picked a team that brings in years of experience to the table. They have sharpened their skills working on variety of Facebook marketing projects. From helping your clients with brand building to creating maximum visibility and interaction for Flash Sales our experts employ a goal oriented strategy to meet the unique demands of your clients.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that the success of White Label Facebook Advertising partnership rests on offering you with the most competitive pricing. As one of the market leaders in this business we offer you the most lucrative pricing options that allow you earn healthy profits without having to handle the nitty-gritties of a project.

Custom Pricing For Clients

Not all clients are the same and hence you may need to offer tailored packages to different clients. We understand the dynamics that work in the digital marketing industry and help you with tailored packages to meet the needs of your clients and at the same time expand your client base.

Flexible Hiring

The digital marketing industry is dynamic and hence the number of projects tends to scale up and down. We have taken this in our stride and offer you the most flexible hiring options where by you shall have access to as many White Label Facebook Ads experts as and when you need. Given the large size of our team we can accommodate any number of projects you want us to work on.

Knowledge Transfer

We don’t like working secretively and ensure that there is regular transfer of knowledge to your team. We shall help your team develop fundamental knowledge in Facebook marketing which allows them to engage more professionally with your clients and adds to your competitive edge. This working model has helped us build strong relationship with agencies and create more opportunities for both the parties.

Gain Control Over Your Project

It is a known fact that clients tend to be apprehensive in hiring white label partners given challenges in terms of communication, turnaround time and secrecy involved in the project. Our engagement model takes care of all these apprehensions. We assign a dedicated Key Account Manager for every agency who acts as the communication channel between our marketers and your marketing team. The Key Account Manager keeps you updated on the progress of all your projects and ensures that the campaign follows the agreed timeline and is completed within the deadline. As a White Label PPC Agency we shall work in the background working closely with your in-house team without your clients ever coming to know about our existence. We are aware of your concerns regarding secrecy and shall never deviate away from agreed clauses of partnership.

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