Has your existing digital marketing campaign stagnated? Are you losing out to competition in the digital space? This has become a common scenario across industries where every business tries its bit with search engine optimization and social media marketing. But if you really want to run a fruitful digital marketing campaign and gain from your digital identity you must shift your focus to PPC or paid search marketing. It drives in the most qualified traffic to your website and also delivers quick results. When you are in company of a reputable PPC management services agency you can meet your digital goals with finesse and stay ahead of your rivals.

Delivering Results and Improving ROI

At AdWords PPC Expert we are a fast growing PPC management company based out of India working with global clients. With our sole focus on delivering results we have built considerable expertise in this domain which allows us to deliver results and also improve your ROI. If your existing PPC campaign hasn’t resulted in expected dividends we shall help in its turnaround with our robust strategies and meticulous execution. If you are new to the world of PPC we shall set up and manage your campaign from scratch. Our team comprises of seasoned campaigners and young professionals who bring in new energy and ideas for success.

How We Do It For You?

Setting Goals and Defining Strategy

Our PPC management services starts with setting your goals. Whether you want to work on short or long term goals our Adwords Consultant would build a tailored strategy where we take into account your competitors and their campaigns, look for emerging opportunities in the market and also observe current industry trends to come up with a tailored campaign.

Keyword Research & Selection

Right keyword section and good bid management are the two legs on which your campaign stands. Our experts use the latest tools and strong marketing acumen to narrow down rich keywords that improve your odds of success substantially. This is followed by working on the most optimum bid strategy where we adjust your cost-per-click (CPC) bids to increase conversions and get the best out of every dollar spent.

Landing Page Creation/Optimization

Our team identifies the best landing pages on your website or other digital platforms to achieve best results with your campaign. We also create new landing pages if required and post engaging content on them. To add teeth to your campaign we also employ the latest testing methodology to maximize the returns on your campaign.

Creative Ad Copies

PPC is as much of technology as it is about creativity. Inspiring ad copies arouse the right emotions in the minds of your audience and that’s what our content team would work on. We would come up with the most captivating ad titles and descriptions that increase the Click Through Rates or CTR and separate your ads from the competition.

Measure Results

One reason behind our success as a PPC management company has been our thorough professionalism. We employ the latest tracking tools to constantly monitor the progress of your campaign. These results offer us insights into new opportunities that can be explored or paths that need due correction. We provide you with detailed reports that include KPIs to help you measure the success of your campaign and also share your feedback.

Align With Other Digital Initiatives

If you have an existing SEO campaign going or have been working aggressively on Social Media Marketing we shall align your campaign to seamlessly blend with other digital initiatives. This helps in improving your digital footprint and also furthers your paid search marketing campaign.

Taking You Through The Process

In PPC marketing there are no shortcuts to success and every rewarding campaign results from methodical research and flawless execution. It has been our endeavour as a PPC management company to set up comprehensive campaign that not only deliver on immediate goals but also help in improving your digital identity in the long run. Our experts work on tailored plans and always keep you in loop regarding the strategies being employed and the milestones that are being achieved.

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