If you are looking for quick growth in traffic and improvement in your conversion rate there is no better way than running a paid search marketing campaign. PPC or Pay Per Click marketing as it is popularly called is a must have in your digital marketing mix if you want to edge past your rivals. It allows you to exercise maximum control over your marketing campaign where you only pay for the ads clicked and can hence decide on your budget. Paid search marketing is immune from the adverse effects of regular algorithmic updates by major search engines. Small and large businesses are equally resorting to this marketing strategy to increase their visibility and conversion rates. To maximize your conversion for the minimum spend on a campaign you need to hire a reputable PPC marketing agency. Yes there are many tools that help with running a campaign but a best PPC Company brings in expertise in the use of these tools and also strong marketing acumen.

Delivering Results Against All Odds

With most of your competitors running their own paid search campaign the odds are stacked up against you. A half-hearted campaign with minimal expertise will only see your money flow down the drain. What you need is a tailored campaign strategy that takes into account opportunities and also means to counter your competitor’s campaign. That’s what separates us from the ragtag PPC agencies that you come across on the Internet. At AdWords PPC Expert we are a team of seasoned professionals having sharpened our skills working on various types of projects over the years. We study all the inherent factors that affect your digital campaign and prepare a strategy that helps in meeting your business goals. We offer you more than just managing your AdWords campaign. As a fast growing PPC agency we have the skills and expertise to manage your campaigns on all the major PPC networks offering you maximum visibility from search and social platforms.

What Makes Us Different? From Other PPC Agencies

Rewarding Strategies

The rules and standard practices in the world of digital marketing change at the drop of a hat. What worked a few years back is no longer going to offer you results. This is where we as a PPC marketing agency have constantly invested in training our team to keep them abreast with the latest trends in the market. This allows us to employ the most rewarding strategies and achieve better results.

Dedicated Account Manager

We don’t segregate clients based on the volume of work they offer us. Each client is special and hence we assign a dedicated account manager for each project. The person would always keep you updated on the progress of your project and also communicate your feedback to the team. Your account manager would see to it that any doubts or special requests that you raise during the campaign are resolved within the quickest possible time.

Focus On Larger Picture

The aim of your PPC campaign shouldn’t be restricted to improving conversion and sales. It should rather be a part of your brand building campaign and this is what we focus on while managing your campaign. We take a look at all other digital marketing initiatives taken by you and align the campaign in such a way that it improves brand recognition.

Employing Cutting Edge Solutions

We don’t work on a fixed formula campaign like many other agencies do as their success stays limited. Right from our initial conversation with your team we shall work towards identifying your key goals from the campaign. This allows us to develop a tailored plan based on your needs. And we make sure these strategies are flexible and can be changed based on emerging opportunities and change of strategy by your competitors. We make use of the latest tools and combine this will our technical expertise and understanding of the market to ensure you always stay ahead of the competition. Here are some of the things that we shall undertake while working on your campaign.

  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Landing Page Creation/Optimization
  • Creating Captivating Ad Copies
  • Goal and Conversion Tracking
  • Geo Targeting
  • Detailed Reporting with KPIs

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Your successful journey with Paid Search Marketing has just begun. Let us conquer the milestones together and build a lasting partnership.