In today’s tech savvy world it is important for every business to have paid search marketing or PPC in their marketing mix. PPC tops the list among all digital marketing strategies given its impact. It offers you complete control over your campaign and results in immediate goal conversion. The fact that you can set your budget and target the most qualified users makes it the most preferred strategy for any organization that draws mileage from its digital footprint. With such potential millions of businesses would the world are using PPC marketing to promote their websites and mobile applications. Naturally the market is highly competitive and you must approach your campaign with passion and a rewarding strategy in hand. Needless to say you need experts in PPC account management who come with proven track record and have helped their past clients achieve maximum business goals with minimum ad spend.

Improving Conversions and Building Brand

At AdWords PPC Expert we are an agency that deals exclusively with paid search marketing and have mastered this marketing technique. Our sole aim is to drive in highly qualified traffic that leads to better conversions and also helps you in building strong brand identity. We research on your needs, look at your competition and develop tailored strategies that pays your beyond conversions and helps you in carving strong identity for your brand. As a fast growing ppc advertising firm catering to small and large clients all over the world we have undertaken a stringent selection process and hired people who bring in technical expertise, strong marketing acumen and lots of passion and energy. The PPC market is fast evolving and we have been constantly keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and strategies. From setting up new campaigns to adding teeth to your existing PPC campaign management we have the expertise and technical knowhow to handle all kinds of projects. We manage campaigns on the most powerful PPC platforms including Google AdWords,Bing & Facbook campaigns.

What We Offer?

Experience Account Manager

Communication is vital to PPC account management and hence we assign an account manager to all our clients who shall look after the progress of your project and communicate with the team. You don’t need to go through multiple phone calls or emails to know the progress of your project as the person concerned shall keep your updated and also communicate your needs to the team. If your project is large enough we shall assign a dedicated account manager who shall solely work on your project as an extension of your team.

Tailored Strategies

We don’t believe in applying a cookie cutter approach to your project and rather believe in building strategies from ground up. Our reason is simple – of all the PPC campaign management projects that have come our way we are yet to see two projects that were absolutely similar. Your project is unique in terms of your business goals, the competition you face in the market and also the kind of strategies your competitors follow. These three factors need to be addressed in any successful campaign and hence create a strategy after thorough research.

Value for Money

One reason many small businesses tend to avoid hiring experts for PPC marketing is due to supposed ‘high cost’ and prefer to run their own campaign. This often results in a flawed campaign process that drains down your investment with very little dividends. We focus on helping small businesses with their campaign strategy by offering them maximum value for money. Irrespective of your budget we shall help you get the best out of your PPC campaign.

Making Your Investment Count

Our team is driven by the goal to make your investment count. Using the most productive keyword research tools we are able to find keywords that put you in a vantage point against your competition. This is backed up by the most proficient bidding strategy which allows us to help you earn maximum engagement for every single dollar spent on your campaign. Our experts would constantly monitor your campaign to ensure it achieves intended milestones and make change in strategy to explore emerging opportunities.

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